Big Night for Trump … Donald Trump Wins GOP Primaries in Florida, Illinois & North Carolna



So far it appears to be a rather good night for Donald J. Trump as he was won the Republican primaries in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina. However, Trump did lose to Kasich in Ohio, and Missouri is too close to call. Trump did what he had to do and although he would have had a clean sweep had he won Ohio, it is hard to believe that the sitting, popular governor of Ohio could actually lose his own home state. That being said, Kasich has no path to the presidency via delegates. Trump steamrolled Rubio in Florida beating the Florida senator 46% to 27% and winning all of the 99 delegates. In Illinois Trump won rather easily with 40%, Cruz second with 29%, Kasich 20% and Rubio a miserable 4th with only 8%. In North Carolina Trump garnered 40.5% of the vote, Cruz second with 36.5%, Kasich third with 12.5% and Rubio last with 7.8%. Hmm, are you sensing a trend with Rubio?

Donald Trump thumbs up

Donald Trump won a decisive victory in Florida’s primary Tuesday night, forcing home-state Sen. Marco Rubio to abandon the race for the Republican presidential nomination. But another big prize — Ohio — went to its governor, John Kasich.

Florida’s outcome, with companion wins in North Carolina and Illinois, strengthened Trump’s chances to secure the Republican presidential nomination. The third contender, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, is hoping to pick up enough delegates to force a contested national GOP convention in July.

“Do not give in to the fear,” Rubio said in a not-so-subtle reference to Trump. “Do not give in to the frustration.”

Florida and Ohio award the most delegates; Missouri also held a primary Tuesday.

Kasich had to win Ohio to keep his struggling campaign alive, but even so, he has virtually no path to the nomination.

“I want you to know the campaign goes on,” Kasich said at his victory rally. He sought to maintain his positive persona. “I will not take the low road to the highest office of the land.”

Heading into Tuesday’s balloting, Donald Trump had 460 of the 1,237 delegates needed to win. Texas Senator Ted Cruz had 370, followed by Rubio at 163 and Kasich at 63. Let’s see how the numbers shake out at the evenings end.

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