Ben Carson Says I’m Promised a Spot in Trump Administration … The Art of the Deal


Should this come as a shock from the man who wrote “The Art of the Deal?”

Well who didn’t see this coming? Dr. Ben Carson revealed on Newsmax TV Monday that he will work in Donald Trump’s administration. Well what did anyone expect after Carson ended his presidential run and the suddenly endorsed Republican front-runner Donald J. Trump? Obviously he was promised something for his endorsement, especially considering some of the vile words that Trump said about the mild mannered Ben Carson. Who could blame Trump for wanting a good man like Carson in his cabinet, I would want him. More importantly, who is surprised, this is what the Trumpster does, he makes deals. If it turns out this is what pushes Trump over the top in Ohio, it just makes the deal simply brilliant.


Dr. Ben Carson revealed on Newsmax TV Monday that he will work in Donald Trump’s administration — at least in an “advisory capacity” — if the Republican presidential front-runner is elected to the White House.

But Carson, a retired pediatric neurosurgeon who recently endorsed Trump after dropping out of the race of the GOP nomination, declined to say exactly in what capacity he will serve or whether it’s a cabinet position.
“I do believe, and certainly in my discussions with Donald Trump, he does love America and he does want to be successful. He will surround himself with very good people,” Carson told “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

Asked whether he will be one of those people, Carson responded:

“I will be doing things as well … Certainly in an advisory capacity [in Trump's administration].”

Carson said Trump’s decision to bring him into the presidential fold came after he sat down with the billionaire developer to talk about the future.

As to whether his expertise in medicine or education will be tapped, Carson was mum.

Honestly, my only fear with Trump is that he will make deals with Pelosi and Schumer. I want him to enforce his will upon them, not make deals. If Trump is elected president that will most likely mean he would also have a Republican Senate and House. If that is the case, you don’t make deals, you look to reverse the disastrous 8 yeas of Obama and that does not include make deals with far left Dems.

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    4 Responses to “Ben Carson Says I’m Promised a Spot in Trump Administration … The Art of the Deal”

    1. rob on March 15th, 2016 2:47 pm

      The people obviously want Trump. We may all be pleasantly surprised. It certainly can’t be worse than what we are currently dealing with.
      SM: Actually Rob I don’t believe that to be so. Trump is really not that far ahead in delegates and unless both Kasich and Rubio get out of the race and this becomes a 1 on 1 winner take all election, it is likely no one will reach the magic # of delegates.

      I want to see Trump vs. Cruz and may the better man win. Simple as that. I will take who ever wins that race and support them.


    2. Right to protest on March 15th, 2016 3:02 pm

      That’s your only fear of trump? Haha.
      You left out the best stuff (probably on purpose):
      -Carson said what trump says in public is pretty much all lies, in private what he believes is completely different
      -Carson said he really didn’t want to endorse trump at all, wanted someone else, but since he was promised some goodies he’s going with they a-hole that called him a pathological child molester and an attempted murderer.

      Grifters gotta grift I guess.
      SM: Well that says more about Carson than Trump. You either support some one because you want to or not, not because of what you can get. Hell. that’s what the Establishment does. IF I was Carson, I never would have endorsed Trump with the comments he made about being a “pathological child molester.” In fact, I might have cold-cocked him during the debate for having said it.

    3. kashekamon on March 15th, 2016 4:01 pm

      Well, they all make deals….but Trump is a smart negotiator, I think you could count on him to come out on top.

      Trump has defended Dr Ben Carson more than once. I think the both of them would trust each other in their relationship.

      Sometimes you see and hear bits and pieces of information selected by the media. Friends of mine that live in Ohio attended Trump’s rally recently in West Chester. They had seats in the front row and got the opportunity to meet Donald, shake his hand and speak with him. They said he was very nice and pleasant to talk with. They also commented on how well organized the rally was and what a well-informed, knowledgeable, intelligent candidate Trump is. They said it was quite impressive.
      First, let me say that I have followed Trump since the 80′s. I lived and went to college in NJ. This is not the first time I have been introduced to The Donald, unlike many people who are just meeting him for the first time.

      Mmm … is also called him one of the most vile things and went after Carson like a pit bull when Carson was in 1st place. If Carson wants to blame anyone for losing Iowa, it was not Cruz, it was the vile attacks of Trump. That being said, it was a brilliant deal by Trump, I have to question Carson on this one. Sorry, I would except nothing from an individual who called me a child molester. PERIOD. You can disagree with my ideas and opinions, make that kind of comment to me and we have major problems. Like I said previously, I might have popped him in the nose on stage had he done that to me. Thus the reason why I would never run for president.

      What is he going to say? I am not so sure about the knowledgeable part. His policies on Cuba, Israel and tariffs are hardly informed or wise.

      My hope for Trump is that he surrounds himself who good people and not just yes men and women. And that he remembers what the US Constitution is.

      We shall see what happens.


    4. rob on March 16th, 2016 8:06 am

      I think Trump may be on the right path to make deals/alliances, and when he is on-stage at rallys have those people with him. Show what your plan is, I don’t think he plans to go it alone, but to delegate to others. I also think a big group of new comers may be the best thing for this country.

      (SM, it’s the candidates own fault, when too many are in the race and still refuse to get out when it is hopeless for them. I also think that is why we got McCain and Romney. I only voted for them in the election cause I had no choice.)
      SM: Agreed, I have not voted for the eventual GOP nominee in the primaries since GWB. Then forces to hold my nose and vote for McFail and Mittens.

      If the GOP establishment does not get their act together, the will destroy the party forever. That being said, I do not want Trump to be making any deals with the GOp Establishment now or later. Trump ran as an outsider and for the People, he better maintain that path or he is no different from them.

      Trump needs to go over the heads of the GOP establishment and go to the people. We are supposed to be a government of, by and for the people … not of the GOP establishment.

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