SUPER TUESDAY – Democrat Primary: Hillary Clinton May Have Won 7 States … But Socialist Bernie Sanders Won 4 (VT, OK, CO and MN)


Vermont, Oklahoma, Colorado and Minnesota feel the Bern

Super Tuesday may have been a big night for the presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton as she swept through many Southern states, but forgive me if I find it remarkable that self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders actually won 4 states. Never would I ever have picked 4 as the number of states Sanders would win. In the end Sanders defeated Clinton in the People Republic of Vermont, no surprise there, in Colorado, Minnesota and to the surprise of many, Oklahoma.


Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton racked up a string of wins across the south on Super Tuesday, as she widened her lead in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination over rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Clinton was projected to win in seven states–Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Virginia and Texas, where the largest number of delegates were at stake. The narrow win in Massachusetts was a particular prize as Sanders has run strongly in other New England contests.

In retrospect, I guess we can understand how Sanders won Minnesota, what has become a liberal states, and of course Colorado. Many have suggested that Bernie Sanders could win the Democrat primaries if along with all the other freebies he has promised the electorate, he would also promise free pot for all. Thus, one can now understand why the Rocky Mountain High state felt the “Bern” last night. But the head scratcher has to be Oklahoma. Really?

Following his Super Tuesday victories Sanders stated, “This is not a general election, it’s not winner-take-all. If you get 52 percent or 48 percent, you end up with roughly the same amount of delegates.” He vowed to fight on. That may all sound good, but the Democrat establishment have stacked the cards against Sanders with “Super Delegates” that have all but broke for Hillary Clinton.

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