White House Fence Jumper Taken into Custody and to Undergo Psychiatric Exam



Meet the man who dared interrupted Barack Obama and the First families Thanksgiving Day dinner as he jumped the White House fence. 23 year old Joseph Anthony Caputo scaled the White House fence last week draped in an American flag and was soon after taken into custody by the secret service. Hmm, oh the irony, jumping the White House fence is considered illegal by an American citizen, but jumping the fence and coming across the Mexican-US border by a non-citizen is not.

But I would ask the question, why was he arrested, why is he made to undergo a psychiatric exam? According to his lawyer, Joseph Anthony Caputo was “not militant, not violent” and definitely not suicidal. Maybe there lies the rub. If he was an illegal or a Syrian refugee, maybe Joseph Anthony Caputo would be a free man today and instead of a court date, he would be a guest of Barack Obama and praised as a Pilgrim. What was Caputo thinking draping himself with the American flag? Dude, you should have used the Mexican or Syrian flag. If you had, you would have been praised by Obama. Just how intolerant could Obama be, maybe this man just thought of himself as an undocumented illegal alien or a Syrian refugee.

An attorney for the man who climbed over the White House fence last week said his client was a “good American” who meant no harm but had chosen an un­usual means of delivering proposals to improve government.

Joseph Anthony Caputo, 23, was “not militant, not violent” and definitely not suicidal, although he was portrayed that way in news accounts, said the lawyer, Stephan Seeger.

I ask this as a serious question, why does the White House have a fence around it and is illegal to trespass on White House grounds? Isn’t the White House supposed to be a microcosm of the United States? Why is it illegal to jump a White House fence but not a United States border fence? Think about it. Different rules for the king as opposed to the peasants.

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