NFL Officials Blow Call in MNF Game Between Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions … Illegal Bat Penalty Should Have Given Lions the Ball on the 1 Yard Line



Well, the NFL officials have managed to screw up another call and this time it looks like they cost a NFL team a football game. The Detroit Lions were going into score to win the game against the Seattle Seahawks with seconds left in the game. All-world WR Calvin Johnson caught the pass and was heading into the end zone when the Seahawks Cam Chancellor punched the ball from the receivers hands and the ball went into the end zone and then the football was knocked out of bounds by K.J. Wright. Game over and touch-back to Seattle, right? As Lee Corso would say … Not so fast my friend.

Football Rules for Dummies

“I have spoken to the referee (Tony Corrente). He did not see that part of the play because that is not his area. The back judge (Greg Wilson) felt it was not an intentional act, that it was inadvertent,” he added.

Wright, however, admitted that it was an intentional act.

“I wanted to just knock it out of bounds and not try to catch it and fumble it,” he said. ” I was just trying to make a good play for my team.

Once again the NFL has 10,000 rules and yet some how they still can’t get the obvious correct. If all turnovers are reviewable, how in the hell isn’t the entirety of the play reviewable? Don’t give me this crap of intent. The facts are the fact of a play and it is obvious that the player, K.J. Wright intentionally batted the ball out of bounds. If you asked him at the time of the play he would have admitted it. But a gutless and clueless NFL back judge refused to make the call. What’s the matter coward, you afraid the 12th Man would have attacked you? Or is it that the NFL and Roger Goodell needs to protect the Seahawks from going 1-3?

This is not the first time that Seattle has been given a gift by NFL referees as we all remember the infamous “Fail Mary”. However, at least those were replacement refs. What was your excuse last night? With so many plays now reviewed, one has to wonder what the purpose is anymore of a referee during a game. There was no guarantee that the Lions would have scored from the one yard line, after all it is the Lions. However, wouldn’t it have been ironic that the Seattle D was on the field with a chance to win the game, something their offense could not do in last year’s Super Bowl against the New England patriots.


Click HERE to watch the VIDEO of the illegal bat that was never called

USA TODAY: NFL Blows it Again.

Another Monday night in Seattle, another controversial ending.

The NFL’s officiating crew botched the ruling on what appeared to be a remarkable game-clinching play in the Seattle Seahawks’ 13-10 escape from the Detroit Lions.

Seahawks Pro Bowl safety Kam Chancellor punched the ball from the hands of Lions wideout Calvin Johnson as he was about to cross the goal line for the go-ahead score. The ball rolled through the end zone, and Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright intentionally tapped the ball over the back line, thinking the Seahawks would take possession on a touchback, which they did with 1:45 to go.

But should they have?

“You can’t bat the ball in any direction in the end zone. K.J. Wright batted the football, that is a foul for an illegal bat,” NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said on NFL Network following the game.

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    3 Responses to “NFL Officials Blow Call in MNF Game Between Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions … Illegal Bat Penalty Should Have Given Lions the Ball on the 1 Yard Line”

    1. Julie on October 6th, 2015 1:23 pm

      Well, as a Hawk fan for 39 years, I can say there are plenty of calls that have hurt us too. This one just went in our favor. And yes, it was not fair, but I do not think the refs are on our side at all, they never have been. Remember the Steelers/Hawks Superbowl that the refs admitted later how many bad calls against us there were. But I do agree that more plays need to be reviewed. I remember a game last year against Seattle was so bad, but we couldn’t do anythign about it.
      SM: Yes calls go for and against teams all the time and this has nothing to do with Seattle as a team. It has to do with the joke that has become the NFL and how they officiate games and hand out penalties and fines. Refs are so quick to call defensive penalties when a defender looks at a receiver that they have all but ruined the game. Refs have no problem calling an excessive celebration penalty, I mean really? What is more excessive that a player jumping into the stands, but the Lambeau leap is celebrated as Americana.

      The point that I am trying to make is instant reply was developed to get it right. It was put in place and expanded to correct exactly what happened on Monday night. The NFL gets another F!

      How do you screw up that play? But I will say this, don’t think for one second that it is in a refs mind, hmm do I go against the home and have the 12th man tear me apart. It is sad that this ref did not have the guts or brains to make the call.

      BTW I am a PATS fan, don’t hate me :)

    2. Julie on October 6th, 2015 1:23 pm

      anything, sorry!

    3. Julie on October 6th, 2015 1:24 pm

      the typos…uggg..feel free to fix! How embarrassing!

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