Baltimore Officials Finally Admit They Gave a Police Stand Down Order During Violent Riots following Death of Freddie Gray



Despite months of denials by top city officials, the Baltimore Sun is reporting that police officers trying to do their duty during the April riots that rocked the city were ordered not to engage the mob to protect businesses being threatened by violence, even when they were under direct attack themselves. The Baltimore Sun reports that police commanders now admit they told officers to “hold the line” and not engage rioters several times on the day of the funeral for Freddie Gray. The result was complete anarchy and the destruction, burning and looting of Baltimore.

This is what happens when you tell the police to stand down and give the rioters their space.

Baltimore Riots Stand Down

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Baltimore police commanders acknowledge that they ordered officers not to engage rioters multiple times on the day of Freddie Gray’s funeral but said they did so to protect officers and citizens as they prioritized life over property.

In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts and six top commanders who directed deployments on April 27 denied that they gave blanket orders to do nothing as rioters looted, raided businesses and even attacked officers with impunity.

More than two months after riots broke out across Baltimore, top brass and rank-and-file officers continue to spar over how platoons of officers were deployed that day. About 160 officers were injured in the riots and businesses suffered millions of dollars in damage.

Batts has repeatedly denied issuing a “stand down” order — akin to ordering a withdrawal — while officers say they were in effect given such an order, either over the radio or in person, when they were told “do not engage” or “hold the line.”


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    2 Responses to “Baltimore Officials Finally Admit They Gave a Police Stand Down Order During Violent Riots following Death of Freddie Gray”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on July 2nd, 2015 11:18 am

      This is what happens when a city elects officials or appoints them who do not care or cannot because of incompetence do a proper job.

      Now the tax payers are on the hook for millions of dollars of damages.

      This could have been stopped in its tracks if the mayor was competent. The proper thing to have done was for the mayor and police chief to call the media and announce that there would be no rioting or bad behavior allowed. If it started, the police had orders to shoot to kill any rioter that breached a business or attempted to set a fire.

    2. Caribbean on July 4th, 2015 1:54 pm

      Guessing that the order came FROM the MAYOR, not the other way around. That’s the problem.

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