Playing the Gender Card … Students Support Hillary Clinton Because She is a Woman



Just curious, would it be okay to say that you are voting for an individual because they were a man? And that being their only qualification? Face it America, Hillary Clinton after all her years in the public eye, after all her years in government as a US Senator and Secretary of State has accomplished nothing of accomplishment. In fact, the things she has done, like the Russian reset, Benghazi-gate and her private email server scandal have probably been more of a detriment than help.

Is America really going to vote an unqualified individual who cannot seem to tell the truth President of the United States just because she is a woman?  Just how ignorant and foolish has this country become? When you think about the social experiment of voting in the first woman as president, just because she is a woman ask yourself … how did that social experiment work of voting for Barack Obama, the first black one? Enough said.

It seems many students at the University of Washington can’t think of any reason why they should vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 — other than her gender.

Campus Reform headed to Seattle, Wash., and asked several college students if they were “ready for Hillary” and why they would vote for her.

“She’s a woman, and that’s literally all,” one female student told Campus Reform.

“Because it’s time we have a female president,” another woman said.

VIDEO – Campus Reform

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    2 Responses to “Playing the Gender Card … Students Support Hillary Clinton Because She is a Woman”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on April 17th, 2015 2:19 pm

      Perhaps it is time to institute a voters test to those less than thirty years of age. The lack of understanding about the responsibility for choosing government representatives for what their values are rather than a popularity contest has to be fixed.

      This is exactly what happens when schools fail to teach real history, but are engaged in promoting an agenda.

    2. BabyBear on April 18th, 2015 12:46 pm

      A couple of months ago I saw an episode of “Watters World” on FOX where students at Georgetown University, one of the most prestigious in the country, were asked to name a Senator. Not one of them could do it.
      I would be delighted to vote for a woman for President, but certainly not Hillary Clinton. Gender is not important. Political philosophy and patriotism are the important qualities in a President of the United States.

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