ISIS Burned Jordanian Pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh Alive In a Cage



ISIS burned Jordanian pilot alive in a cage. It would appear that the radical Islamo-Nazi terrorist group has decided to escalate the depravity. These savages burned alive the pilot they had in captivity, Jordanian Pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh. Obviously beheading innocents has become too common place for ISIS, they needed a greater shock value for PR. What kind of sick SOB’s douse an individual with gasoline and burn them alive? UNREAL.

Tweet_ISIS burns Pilot

The Jordanian government confirmed that Islamic State militants had killed the pilot on Jan. 3, state television reported. A report by Sky News Arabic reports prisoners that Jordan planned to swap with ISIS are to be executed tonight.

Last week, Jordan issued an ultimatum to the Islamic State that it would execute its ISIS prisoners if the terrorist group killed the Jordanian pilot it had captured.

The ISIS video and images showed a burning man standing in a cage. Kasaesbeh was apparently placed in the cage on open ground, draped in the now traditional orange robes, doused in flammable liquid, and set alight. The 20-minute-long video featured the slick production and graphics used in previous videos released by the group.

The head of the Jordanian armed forces told his family he had been killed, a member of the family told Reuters.

Kasaesbeh has been in Islamic State captivity since his plane crashed over Syria in December.

The pilot, Mu’ath Safi Yousef Al-Kaseasbeh, 26, a first lieutenant in Jordan’s air force, was captured on Christmas Eve after his F-16 jet crash-landed near the Syrian city of Raqqa, which is held by ISIS (also known as ISIL).

I debated on whether to publish the pic below from the terrible and disgusting video; however, I felt the need to show just what these savages are capable of. This is the radical Islam that our dear president refuses to acknowledge and call it by name for what it is. I also thought as I watched the disturbing video of the Jordanian pilot being burned alive, just what must those individuals have been going through in the World Trade Centers on 9-11 when they face the same situation that would cause them to jump 100 stories to their death.

ISIS_burn pilot alive


 UPDATE I: Jordan’s King Abdullah praises pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh.

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    1. In Response to Jordanian Pilot Burned Alive … Jordan executes ISIS jihadists: Sajida al-Rishawi and Ziad al-Karbouli | Scared Monkeys on February 4th, 2015 11:28 am

      [...] As reported at The Daily Mail, Jordan has executed two ISIS jihadists, one, a female suicide bomber (Sajida al-Rishawi) and Ziad al-Karbouli, were put to death in dawn hangings in retaliation for terrorists releasing video of pilot being burned to death in cage. Has ISIS just escalated the Middle East insanity to a new level? Have they gone too far this time, even for this radical terror group. it was one thing for them to behead Western indifels, it is quite another for them to burn alive a devout Muslim. [...]

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