Response to Student Assault of Teacher in Paterson, NJ for Taking Away Cell Phone …


What gives a right for a student to assault a teacher in today’s society … taking away their cell phone of course.

Darri Stephens, director of Digital Learning, Common Sense and a former member of Teach for America, appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the recent attack by a 16 year old punk at JFK High School in Paterson, NJ. What might be as bad as the attack on the innocent teacher, was the fact that the 62 year old educator did not fight back, in fear of losing his job if he did and that no one came to the teachers aide. They all moved away and instead of breaking up the fight, they recorded it on their cell phone to post on YouTube. After Darri Stephens discussed how we change the dynamic of “school culture” in our schools, F&F’s host Steve Doocy added, “but we are leaving something out and that is the parents.” Steve opined, “the parents in students lives are a big part of the back ground and the character of the students we put in the schools.”

“I think is what is more worrisome is the fact that the other students stood back and what we call ‘bystanders’. How can we build empathy in kids to stand up and have the confidence to get involved or at least get help. How do we build that positive school culture nowadays in our classrooms?”

Teacher assaulted_paterson NJ

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    2 Responses to “Response to Student Assault of Teacher in Paterson, NJ for Taking Away Cell Phone …”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on January 27th, 2015 9:28 pm

      It was pretty obvious to me that the teacher did nothing to defend himself. That kid would be in the hospital with several broken bones including a very broken nose if it was me that he attacked at that age.

      This is the result of the lack of moral teachings beginning in the home and reinforced in the schools.
      Nothing will change until until parents take responsibility for teaching their children proper respect and behavior.

      Single parent families made up of teen mothers who have babies out of wedlock with multiple children from different fathers have been the largest contributors to this situation.

    2. bearlyhere on January 29th, 2015 8:04 am

      I don’t think people realize the role the bystander has in perpetuating the cycle of violence. Mandated courses or lessons added to another course may help. Parents should also be mandated to take these classes.

      Teachers should also be made to understand the seriousness of this. There are some teachers who add to the violence by making jokes in class or showing videos that are inappropriate to show students. I am not talking about videos the school board has approved, although some of them may be inappropriate and parents can decide not to sign the permission slip for their child to watch them. The student will have an alternate assignment. I am talking about teachers who bring in shows they have watched on TV that add to the thinking that life is about partying and inappropriate behavior and that this is funny. These teachers negate what the ‘good’ teachers are fighting to erase. As long as you have parents who are not on the same page and teachers who are not on the same page, you have students who are confused.

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