Protest Against Illegal Immigration in the Liberal State of Massachusetts … SEND THEM HOME!!!


If you think that protests against illegals being allowed into the United States is just a Red state, Republican issue, think again. Rallies across America are happening, including in states like Massachusetts. It would appear that people in the Bay State have awoke and are protesting. Enough is enough, Americans must stand up and stop this lawless president.

Join Jeff at the Stop the Invasion Rally!

Join Jeff Kuhner for a major rally to protest Governor Deval Patrick’s plan to house illegal aliens from Central America in Massachusetts. The rally takes place Saturday, July 26, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the steps of the State House on Beacon Hill across from the Boston Common.

VIDEO – Boston Herald

Interestingly enough, The Right Scoop has more video (see below) of a portion of the speech where radio host Jeff Kuhner welcomed Hispanics and legal immigrants, and the audience applauded. Much of the media, Barack Obama and Democrat politicians want to depict anyone who would protest illegals as racists. However, that is not the case, We the People, that includes men, women and children of all nationalities who are LEGAL American citizens are protesting.

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    One Response to “Protest Against Illegal Immigration in the Liberal State of Massachusetts … SEND THEM HOME!!!”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on July 27th, 2014 2:23 pm

      The people of the United States have had enough of the illegal invasion of people from Central America and other places. The NE is now seeing exactly what the southern border states have been dealing with for almost forty years.

      There is a tipping point in any society where the people “say we will not accept this any more”. The federal government has reached this point.

      The wrongs that King George perpetrated on our founders were a lot less than what we are experiencing today.

      We may be able to begin correcting this abuse at the ballot box in November provided the political parties,especially the Democrats, do not steal elections in order to keep their power. Failing that, the people may be forced to adopt a Second Declaration of Independence.

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