What a Coincidence, Another Hard Drive Crash … This Time It’s April Sands, a Former Employee at the Federal Election Commission who Resigned After Admitting to Violating the Hatch Act Promoting Obama’s Re-election in 2012 .



Democrat playbook, page 7, paragraph 2, subsections 6: When caught committing a crime and perpetrating a fraud upon the American people, destroy your hard drive.

April Sands was a Federal Election Commission lawyer before she resigned earlier this year and accepted a ban on holding government jobs until 2016. Sands resigned after admitting to violating The Hatch Act, which prohibits government workers from advocating for candidates while on the job. Just curious, is there any government agency that did not violate the Hatch Act and promote Obama’s 2012 reelection? However, Sands escaped prosecution as her computer hard drive “mysteriously” crashed  and was recycled by the FEC before any evidence could be recovered. Hmm, haven’t we heard this one before? As former NY Yankee MLB great Yogi Bearra would say, “it’s deja vu all over again”. Can you say Lois Lerner? Funny Lois Lerner’s name is mentioned as Lerner, who has a case of her own missing emails and hard drive crash was Sands’ supervisor until 2001. you just can’t make this stuff up.

Just curious, is there any governmental agency that backs up data?

It’s becoming very evident that the 2012 presidential election may have been the greatest case of voter fraud ever in American history. Sorry, just one too many coincidences.


The Blaze:

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) on Monday made yet another request to the federal government for details about a crashed hard drive that may have contained information allowing criminal charges to be brought against a federal official.

Issa’s newest letter concerns the hard drive of April Sands, a former employee at the Federal Election Commission who resigned in the spring after admitting to violations of the Hatch Act. That law puts restrictions on the ability of government officials to conduct political activities while on the job, or from government offices.

Issa noted that while Sands admitted to violating the law, the FEC just recently told Congress that it could not recover her hard drive, which made it impossible to seek criminal charges against her.

“Recent information obtained by the committee suggests that the FEC OIG could not pursue criminal prosecution for the misconduct because the attorney’s hard drive had been recycled by the FEC,” Issa’s letter said.

As a result, Issa asked the FEC to provide information to his committee by July 28. That includes all documents related to the hard drive loss, and documents detailing the FEC’s practices for retaining information on computers.

The FEC is an independent agency, but Sands’ emails clearly indicated she favored Obama’s re-election in 2012. Before the election, she tweeted things like:

“Our #POTUS’s birthday is August 4. He’ll be 51. I’m donating at least $51 to give him the best birthday present ever: a second term.” In another tweet, she said anyone supporting Republicans is her “enemy.”

I guess this is just another phony scandal.

UPDATE I: More from Town Hall, It sounds like they have found there to be one too many coincidences as well ….  Lerner Associate: “I Don’t Understand How Anyone But Straight White Men Can Vote Republican”

Which brings us to the case of April Sands, an employee at the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), who struck a deal with the agency’s Inspector General to avoid criminal charges related to running afoul of the Hatch Act on numerous occasions. She has openly confessed to breaching federal law as part of her effective plea bargain, but investigators were unable to probe a potential goldmine of incriminating activity: Her email. Why? You guessed it; her hard drive crashed, supposedly wiping out her email records, and resulting in the FEC recycling (i.e., destroying) the hard drive. Sounds familiar. Did I mention that Ms. Sands worked under Lois Lerner when Lerner served as the agency’s Associate General Counsel for Enforcement? Lots of coincidences and similarities, no?

UPDATE II: Interview with Lou Dobbs discussing the amazing coincidences of corrupt government employee hard drive crashes.

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    3 Responses to “What a Coincidence, Another Hard Drive Crash … This Time It’s April Sands, a Former Employee at the Federal Election Commission who Resigned After Admitting to Violating the Hatch Act Promoting Obama’s Re-election in 2012 .”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on July 16th, 2014 6:36 am

      Someone with investigative skills and power should be hired to track the entire career of Lois Learner in government service. Her performance appears to be in using the office of an agency to punish people or to give a political advantage to her chosen party-the Democrats.

      This woman should be charged with crimes against the people and if convicted, placed in jail where she belongs.

    2. Lightwave on July 16th, 2014 6:36 am

      Judging from her Twitter timeline, Sands is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to federal employees using Twitter accounts for electioneering purposes. The fact this was happening at the FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION is the tipoff that widespread Democrat voter fraud in 2012 was underway.

      Sands needs to be before Congress to spill her guts on the voter fraud, and then she needs to spend the rest of her natural life in decidedly substandard federal housing as a result.

    3. A Texas Grandfather on July 16th, 2014 4:42 pm

      The House Oversight committee should call the IT people responsible for the systems at each government agency. They should make preparations to ask some real tough questions about the operation of desktop, laptop and system computers.

      Windows 7 & 8 run the NTFS file system which can and should be set up to make shadow copies on an offsite disk drive of everything on a user machine. Those copies can be used to rebuild the files on the user machine.

      The lost,crashed hard drives story is flat out a lie by those who have testified. They should be charged with a crime.

      You statement about stolen elections is probably very true. The Democrat Party machine has been stealing elections for a hundred years or more. The problem that surfaced during the 2000 election in Florida exposed one of the more crude ways that it was accomplished. That one was exposed after a very large expenditure to correct it.

      If a real audit of the voting in each election following the year 2000 were done, the people would find that the Democrats stole elections in every race subsequent to that time. This is the prime reason that the “True the Vote” organization was formed and why the harassment by the IRS, FBI, ATF and OSHA took place.

      There appears to be large amounts of corruption in every federal agency and that includes the CIA and FBI. The people can no longer trust our government to behave themselves. This is much worse than what our founders encountered under King George.

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