Sarah Palin Defends the 2nd Amendment at the NRA’s ‘Stand and Fight Rally’ … “But If You Control Arms, You Control the People and That is What They’re Trying.’


Former Alaska Governor and GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin reminded the folks at the NRA’s ‘Stand and Fight Rally’ what “They’re” trying to do. Palin went on to say, “Let us learn from out Founders … remember back in the day the colonists stood in line to register their muskets. Me either, because they didn’t”. Palin also went on to hammer the Obama administration and Democrats their lack of understanding of terrorism by saying, THEY don’t know what is right. Not when that evil Muslim terrorist Maj. Hasan massacres his fellow US military soldiers at Fort Hood. His  Allahu Akbar praising jihadTHEY call that workplace violence. What calling that Devil a disgruntled employee and THEY call us the terrorists?”

Maybe one of her best lines of the night was when she mocked VP Biden when he told women before an assault fire a warning shot in the air. Palin said, “that may be fine if your rapist is a bird.” But then came the money line … “Gals you know that now a days ammo is expensive, don’t wast a bullet on a warming shot.” :-)

The Daily Mail:

Palin was a speaker at the group’s ‘Stand and Fight Rally,’ held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

The Republican former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee’s remarks followed her criticism of of policies she said were coddling to ‘enemies that would annihilate America – they who’d obviously have information on plots to say, carry out jihad.

Palin also criticized an ‘intellectual elite in a far-distant capital’ that she said wanted Americans to abandon Revolutionary War ideals.

She also implied that the government is trying to control the people.

‘Look, if you control oil, you control an economy,’ she said. ‘If you control money, you control commerce. But if you control arms, you control the people and that is what they’re trying.’

Elsewhere in her speech, she called the idea of gun-free zones as ‘stupid on steroids’ and dismissed the idea of gun stores being linked to crime.

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    One Response to “Sarah Palin Defends the 2nd Amendment at the NRA’s ‘Stand and Fight Rally’ … “But If You Control Arms, You Control the People and That is What They’re Trying.’”

    1. exodus2011 on April 29th, 2014 8:16 pm

      WARNING: Graphic descriptions ahead – you may wish to avoid reading this post.

      Any bleeding heart libs/lefties/metrosexuals/muslims/others better tuffen up … squeamish Americans would have been USELESS on Omaha Beach, June 6th 1944

      We are fighting people who BEHEAD CHRISTIAN BABIES (Syria) and who DISMEMBER TEENAGE CHRISTIAN GIRLS while STILL ALIVE (Syria) and who CHOW DOWN on newly ripped out ENEMY HEARTS (Syria)

      (thanks to Obama’s **moderate AL Qaeda allies **)

      If your children or grandchildren were in danger of having their HEADS BLOWN OFF by these terrorist MURDERING B*STARDS then a POTUS Palin would have water dripped on their faces to TRY AND SAVE AMERICAN LIVES (and the villains know it too …. which is a HUGE DETERRENT… IOW, this Rhetoric is VITAL)

      WISE UP … Big Mama Grizzly would FIGHT LIKE HE!! FOR YOUR CUBS, and not let being PC stop her!

      consider this also:

      (common-sense response by Disqus ID = ccb11, to those who are critical of Sarah Palin’s use of the word *baptism*)

      Big Deal !! Maybe you should all be more worried about getting your head or your childrens chopped off by a terrorist instead of what Sarah Palin Said. She should be the least of your worries. Soldiers in our service to this country are being treated terribly if they are a Christian in our armed forces. Check that story out.

      Go after Harry Reid for calling many times, people on the right,”Domestic Terrorists.” Obama has done nothing to bring home Christians in Muslim countries that are jailed just because they are Christians. I am all for forgiving but at the same time I want my Children and Grand Children safe from these anti crazy Christian terrorists. Maybe if they all heard they were going to baptized a Christian by us they would stop their killing.

      Sarah Palin would be the first person to defend your rights as a Christian. The left fears Sarah because she is not politically correct. I hate people that beat around the bush to make a point . I want to know the truth.

      Some one made the comment about Sarah being a useful idiot. The only useful idiot is you if you let the loony left define and convince you that she is one.

      If the left has you in a tizzy over Sarah then you have fallen for their masterful game of deceit and distraction from the important issues that they are losing on.

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