Mission Accomplished? White House & Jay Carney Gloat About Enrollment Numbers & Blasts Republicans During Snark-filled Daily WH Presser



Barack Obama White House spokesperson Jay Carney took to the microphone yesterday to brag about the notion that over 7.1 million people have enrolled in Obamacare.  After all this time of the White House and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius refusing to provide any numbers for enrollment in Obamacare, suddenly they come up with precise number like 7.041 million. HMM, REALLY? A contentious and defiant Carney delivered a prepared statement to the press full of snark, lies and exaggerations on the “mission accomplished” of Obamacare.

“Despite several lost weeks out of the gate because of problems with the website, 7.1 million Americans have now signed up for private insurance through these marketplaces,” the president said.

The 7.1 million figure was more than the 7.041 million announced by press secretary Jay Carney just hours earlier.

The administration is allowing consumers who were unable to complete their applications to continue the process beyond Monday. Moreover, the federal government is still collecting data from states who run their own states.

Obama heralded the achievement as “a big step forward.”


Next thing you know, Carney, Obama, Sebelius, Pelosi et al will be telling you that you can keep your healthcare insurance if you like it, that you can keep your doctor if you like it, you can keep the hospital you go to if you like it, the IRS is not targeting the Tea Party, the NSA is not listening to your phone calls or reading your emails without a warrant, Benghazi was just about a tape and Eric Holder was not operating a gun-running operation in Mexico. WAKE THE HELL UP FOLKS AND STOP BEING SHEEPLE!!!

Sorry for my skepticism, but I deal in numbers. I would love to get my hands on this data and do some real analysis like, how many enrollment accounts are duplicates? Individuals have to create numerous accounts in the beginning because of the disastrous non-functioning Heathcare.fail site. How many individuals have actually paid their premiums? How many individuals enrolled in Obamacare lost the insurance that they liked because of Obamacare and are now paying higher premiums and have larger deductibles? Sorry, but you certainly cannot count it as a net gain if your program caused some one to lose something and then you compelled them to buy your product. Well, maybe an imperialist president would.

The Lonely Conservative has more of the “intended ” consequences of Obamacare as the CBO is stating that Obamacare will cause workers to work few hours, to the equivalent of 2 million jobs. Yeah, let’s see if Democrats run on Obamacare in this years midterm elections.

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    5 Responses to “Mission Accomplished? White House & Jay Carney Gloat About Enrollment Numbers & Blasts Republicans During Snark-filled Daily WH Presser”

    1. SUPER DAVE on April 2nd, 2014 6:20 am

      the real # is less than a million who have actually paid. all those who signed up and have not paid will not pay. they just did this to try to prevent the penalty. most will never be in sured.
      when Dumbama realizes that there is no money to pay for his disaster, look for the IRS to start strongarming the citizens.

    2. Video: Obama Rubs Critics’ Noses In Obamacare | The Lonely Conservative on April 2nd, 2014 6:42 am

      [...] How This One Magic Number Saved Obamacare Gigantic boondoggle celebrated Mission Accomplished [...]

    3. Charles Krauthammer’s Says 7.1 Million Obamacare Enrollees Is a ‘Phony Number’ | Scared Monkeys on April 2nd, 2014 10:04 am

      [...] WH has a precise number for us after months of nothing. He then went on to say, how many of this 7.1 million number are the ones who were kicked off their healthcare plans by Obamacare and were forced to reapply?  [...]

    4. tumbleweed13 on April 2nd, 2014 11:12 am

      More LIES from Obummer and Co.

    5. BabyBear on April 2nd, 2014 1:53 pm

      7,000,000 people lost their insurance due to the unreasonable requirements of Obamacare, such as a young man must have insurance for obstetrical services. So that means that Obama disrupted and damaged our health care system, probably irreparably, for 100,000 out of 350,000,000.

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