Barack Obama’s Chickens are Coming Home to Roost


Obama’s Chickens coming home to roost means American’s goose is cooked …

I would add it is more than a mere coincidence that everything that Obama has done in his six years in office has made the United States of America a weaker nation. whether it be domestic or foreign policy, Obama has done what many believe is irreparable damage to the US. One would almost say, it would be impossible to get so many things wrong. One might even say it was intentional.


The New York Post:

It is impossible to dismiss as mere coincidence the Russian Bear’s invasion of Ukraine and the continuing mayhem of the Affordable Care Act. In their own ways, each reflects the full flowering of the policies of Barack Obama.

His chickens are coming home to roost, and what a mess they are making.

Obama’s sixth year in the White House is shaping up as his worst, and that’s saying something. He’s been in the Oval Office so long that it is obscene to blame his problems on George W. Bush, the weather or racism. Obama owns the world he made, or more accurately, the world he tried to remake.

Nothing important has worked as promised, and there is every reason to believe the worst is yet to come. The president’s casual remark the other day that he worries about “a nuclear weapon ­going off in Manhattan” inadvertently reflected the fear millions of Americans have about his leadership. Not necessarily about a bomb, but about where he is taking the country.

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    One Response to “Barack Obama’s Chickens are Coming Home to Roost”

    1. BabyBear on April 1st, 2014 8:35 am

      I believe that the destruction that Obama has unleashed on this country is indeed intentional. It is his mission, IMO, to “Fundamentally change” the US into his vision, and that of his seventh century barbarian co-religionists, to establish a Grand Caliphate world-wide.

      He said, when speaking to the UN after the Benghazi massacre, that “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” To whom, then, does it belong?

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