Oh the Irony … Obamacare’s Unpopularity Rises Among the Uninsured


You just can’t make this stuff up, Obamacare’s unpopularity is rising among the, hold it, hold it, … the UNINSURED!!!

President Barack Obama, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), then Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Obama’s minions and the lapdog liberal MSM all touted Obamacare as the way to insure the so-called 50 million uninsured in America. However, the lies, broken promises and unpopularity of Obamacare keeps coming. A Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: January 2014, the almost unthinkable, yet comical data is coming forth with regards to the very people that Obamacare was intended to help. As the deadline for 2014 enrollment nears, Obamacare is increasingly growing unpopular, especially among the uninsured. 47% of Americans who lack health insurance have an unfavorable opinion of Obamacare, outnumbering by 2-to-1 those uninsured Americans who like Obamacare at  24%

Who thinks that part of this has to do with that there was a perception that Obamacare would be free and now those who did not have insurance previously either because they could not afford it or did not want it are now forced by law to buy it or else? Barack Obama and his minions have mislead an entire country.

Obamacare_Kaiser poll_uninsured_unfavorable

Poll chart via Kaiser Family Foundation

Among The Uninsured, Unfavorable Views Outnumber Favorable By 2-to-1, And More Believe They’re Worse Off Under The Law Than Better

Among the uninsured – a key group targeted by the ACA – views of the law shifted negative this month. A quarter (24 percent) of those who currently lack coverage now say they have a favorable view of the law, while nearly twice as many (47 percent) have an unfavorable view and about three in ten (28 percent) decline to offer an opinion. In December, views among the uninsured were more evenly split (36 percent favorable, 43 percent unfavorable).

More than half of the uninsured (54 percent) say the law hasn’t made much difference for their families, and the share who feel they’re worse off as a result of the law is more than twice the share who feel they’re better off (30 percent versus 13 percent). When asked about the uninsured as a group, those without coverage are more likely to say the law has left this group worse off than better (39 percent versus 26 percent). We will continue to track these perceptions as more of the uninsured gain coverage.

Reporter for The Washington Free Beacon Ellison Barber discussed a recent survey which indicated uninsured Americans do not like Obamacare Thursday with Eric Bolling on Fox News.

Barber noted many of the uninsured are discovering Obamacare is not as cheap as advertised. Subsidies only cover up to 400 percent of the federal poverty line, so families with larger expenses but who surpass that income threshold will get stuck with bigger price tags for health insurance.

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    6 Responses to “Oh the Irony … Obamacare’s Unpopularity Rises Among the Uninsured”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on January 31st, 2014 10:45 am

      When the people in the wagon find out they have to get out and put some of their effort into living, they don’t like the price.

      This entire Obamacare law should be repealed. Any time a bill reaches the level of complexity that this one did, should be a red flag that it is not good for the people or the government.

    2. PaMom on January 31st, 2014 10:09 pm

      The unaffordable uninsurance care act.

    3. kashekamon on February 1st, 2014 8:39 am

      #2….agree! obamacare should be repealed, it’s a destructive, misinformed, deceptive, confused lying mess and has caused America a massive problem with health insurance and everything else related to it. Granted, something needed to be have been done but not in this manner. Which, did nothing but make matters way worse.(The same thing happened when he was a community organizer, people were worse off after he interfered) Anything obama touches turns into chaos and results in a magnitude of lies. He is suppose to work for and represent us, the American people, but not according to him. He’s the messiah muslim, who ate dogs. Man’s best friend.

      This country can no longer function the way it is under obama, his out of control and misuse of power and sheer defiance of what “We the People” want.

    4. kashekamon on February 1st, 2014 8:48 am

      It is unthinkable, the amount of destruction obama, reid and peloski have caused under obama’s leadership or should we say dictatorship, along with eric holder and his actions.

    5. kashekamon on February 1st, 2014 8:49 am

      We’re finished with the down and dirty!!!!

    6. kashekamon on February 1st, 2014 8:59 am

      Who’s all going to jail….and when????

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