No One Cares to Listen to Barack Obama’s Lies Anymore … Nielson Ratings for Obama’s 2014 SOTU was Lowest in 20 Years


Hey Barack, there just not that into you anymore, America tunes out President Obama, his promises, his agenda and his lies.

It is safe to say that America has grown tired and weary of the Obama presidency. According to the Nielson rating for Obama’s SOTU Tuesday night, was the lowest in 20 years. According to Neilson, the State of the Union Address registered only a 20.7 household share rating. That is a far cry from Obama’s 2009 SOTU ‘Hope & Change’ address where he garnered a 32.5  share. As Doug Ross opines,  I guess whiny, depressing liars aren’t good for ratings.” Obama fatigue has officially set in.

Obama_SOTU_Biden asleep

Even Biden Fell Asleep

On Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014 President Barack Obama delivered his second State of the Union address of his second term in office. The address was carried live from 9:00 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. on 13 networks and tape-delayed on Univision. The sum of the average audience for those networks was 33,299,172 viewers with a combined household rating of 20.7. The networks carrying the address live were CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Azteca, Fox Business, Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Al Jazeera America, Galavision and Mun2.

Here are the previous numbers for SOTU addresses (in millions):

2014 – 20.7
2013 – 21.8
2012 – 24
2011 – 26.6
2010 – 29.8
2009 – 32.5
2008 – 24.7
2007 – 29.6
2006 – 26.9
2005 – 25.2
2004 – 28
2003 – 38.8
2002 – 33.6
2001 – 27.6
2000 – 22.4
1999 – 31.0
1998 – 37.2
1997 – 28.4
1996 – 29.6
1995 – 29.5
1994 – 32.9
1993 – 44.3

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    2 Responses to “No One Cares to Listen to Barack Obama’s Lies Anymore … Nielson Ratings for Obama’s 2014 SOTU was Lowest in 20 Years”

    1. kashekamon on January 30th, 2014 9:51 am

      A waste of television viewing time for 13 channels. He’s living in a world of hatred. There’s nothing he can say or do to establish his credibility. A done dude for the presidency, IMPEACHMENT for all the wrong he has done to us and our country.

      25 yrs of obama’s listening to rev wright preach on hate for America which only instilled his vile character and true beliefs. The world awaiting for us to do something with the muslim thug in the empty suit.

    2. Zaguy222 on January 30th, 2014 5:35 pm

      Obama’s SOTU low ratings proof America is MORE racist than ever before!

      When a Black Man does it……

      I’ve said for the last five years, anyone who Hates Barack Obama is, in fact, a racist, bigoted, black-hating scumbag. and for the last years, I’m verbally insulted AND assulted for stating the obvious. They can’t deny it anymore!

      ignorning these obvious truths:

      And these racist hypcorites rush to call him a liar, and yet How Many Lies Have Some Pundits Told About Obama on Racist websites? Tons and Tons and Tons!

      Where the hell do they get off accusing Obama of “plagiarizing” Bush when he didn’t?

      Obama spoke about the economy. So did Bush. Obama spoke about education. So did Bush. Obama announced a laundry list of his upcoming term agenda items. So did Bush. Can’t think of a clearer example of plagiarism. Can you??

      Bush was the worst president we have ever had. The man deserves to be tried for treason.

      American issue, mybutt. This is nothing but a Right-wing racist issue to attack the Black man in office!

      Is Barack Obama an evil man?—-No

      Is Barack Obama a Failure?—-No

      Is Barack Obama a Dictator?—–No

      Is Barack Obama a Muslim?—–No

      Is Barack Obama a Traitor?—-No

      Is Barack Obama a Disgrace to America?—-No

      Is Barack Obama a Marxist?—-No

      Does Barack Obama hate America?—-No

      Is Barack Obama destroying America?—-Only the economic sector, otherwise not at all

      Can Barack Obama be impeached?—-No

      Is Barack Obama a Racist?—No

      All these lies, created by racists, bigots, black-hating extremists who hate having a Black man in office! if Obama is a Marxist then this must be a Marxist country b/c he won two elections quite handily, didn’t he?

      Some seem to have an irrational hatred of the man who is their very own President! Mostly because he’s black!

      Calling the POTUS a POS, a thug and a fraud IS THE usual calling call for you right-wing racists and
      SM Is Barack Obama the worst president in modern times, even worse that Jimmy Carter … YES!

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