Ohio Rapist & Killer Dennis McGuire Execution Took 15 Minutes to Die … Um, and Your Point Is? In Typicaly F’d Up America, the Murder’s Family Says His Civil Rights Were Violated


Good riddance to bad rubbish …

Sorry, if I do not shed a tear or lose any sleep over the fact that it took 15 minutes for convicted rapist and murderer Dennis Mc Guire during his execution in Lucasville, Ohio. The family of Dennis McGuire is claiming that his civil rights were violated because of the cruel and unusual punishment he experienced during his execution. REALLY? The killers daughter, Amber McGuire, is reported to have said, “Oh my God,” as she observed her father’s final moments. Did we mention that Dennis McGuire was charged and convicted of the 1989 rape and murder of 22 year old Joy Stewart. Did we also mention that she was seven months pregnant? I wounder if  Amber and the family of this killer ever thought about what Joy’s last words were when her life was savagely taken as she was stabbed to death and throat cut?

Bleeding heart libs on CNN discuss the notion that this two drug cocktail execution was cruel and unusual punishment. However, a note to Dennis McGuire’s family and the future Dennis McGuire’s, this does not mean that an execution has to be painless. I am certain it was not painless or cruel for the victims.

The execution generated controversy because, like many states, Ohio has been forced to find new drug protocols after European-based manufacturers banned U.S. prisons from using their drugs in executions — among them, Danish-based Lundbeck, which manufactures pentobarbital.

According to Ohio’s corrections department, the state used a combination of the drugs midazolam, a sedative; and the painkiller hydromorphone.

A condemned Ohio inmate appeared to gasp several times and took more than 15 minutes to die Thursday as he was executed with a combination of drugs never before tried in the U.S.

Death row inmate Dennis McGuire made several loud snorting or snoring sounds during one of the longest executions since Ohio resumed capital punishment in 1999.

Ohio officials used intravenous doses of two drugs, the sedative midazolam and the painkiller hydromorphone, to put McGuire to death for the 1989 rape and fatal stabbing of a pregnant woman, Joy Stewart.

This might be a first, I agree with Anderson Cooper when he asks, why not use a firing squad or a guillotine? If you are going to kill some one and you want to make it swift and effective, a firing squad or lopping off someones head might be the way to go.

I once sense I will agree that the execution of Dennis McGuire did take too long. I could care less about the 15 minutes. McGuire raped and killed Joy Stewart in 1989. He was tried and found guilty in 1994. It took nearly another 20 years to execute him? The 15 minutes is not the issue … the nearly 20 years to put him down is.

Hmm, I guess I am the only one who does not have an issue if the following happened during an execution for a convicted killer who would have murdered my wife an child. Sorry, maybe if they realized their demise would be a painful and miserable one, they might just think twice. Cruel and unusual punishment is having to tolerate these rapists and murderers walking among us.

Execution scene from the movie, Law Abiding Citizen

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    9 Responses to “Ohio Rapist & Killer Dennis McGuire Execution Took 15 Minutes to Die … Um, and Your Point Is? In Typicaly F’d Up America, the Murder’s Family Says His Civil Rights Were Violated”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on January 17th, 2014 3:31 pm

      The anti death penalty crowed is at it again. This guy killed a pregnant woman and wasn’t executed for 24 years. So he hurt a little while being executed. What about the woman and child he killed. I suppose they didn’t have any pain.

      They need to bring back public hanging and make certain the sentence is carried out no later than 90 days of conviction.

    2. anilee on January 17th, 2014 8:58 pm

      wah wah wah. Being a very emotional person, I cannot express myself clear enough to get across the message that “20 years” after murder and rape of a young woman who was pregnant”. I DO NOT CARE he “suffered”. Her family suffered waiting 20 years for justice and how long did she suffer trying to protect herself and her unborn child while this person invoked cruel and unusual punishment.

    3. rightknight on January 18th, 2014 1:03 am

      Just how difficult would it have been to administer a knockout
      load of pain killer and then a quick needle to the heart? How
      fancy can we get in ending the life of a murderer? How many
      of us have undergone anesthesia during major surgery?

    4. Zachriel on January 18th, 2014 11:45 am

      Most people would have a visceral desire to see a murderer suffer the same painful fate as their loved-ones—or worse. But this issue was decided when the U.S. Constitution was adopted. Cruel and unusual punishment is banned.
      SM: Correct. but cruel and unusual is not defined as pain free. It is no different than finding some one guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, that does not mean any, it means reasonable.


    5. Tim on January 18th, 2014 7:30 pm

      This man murdered a 22 year old pregnant woman and her baby. His family chose to attend the execution so they get what they get. Their father was a brutal murderer and this was his punishment. Nothing cruel and unusual about the way this killer died, and nothing compared to what was waiting for him once death took him. Take a life like he did and you are doomed to hell and nothing you do on this earth will save you…

    6. Foghorn Leghorn on January 18th, 2014 8:37 pm

      #1 – Yes, of course! Let’s bring back public hanging. Then we can also bring back stoning and maybe chop a few hands off the thieves. And we can stop eating bacon and start wiping our butts with our hands! By the way, I knew a lady who attended the last public hanging in the US when she was a young teenager. She didn’t recommend it very highly. Seems the memory haunted her the rest of her life.
      SM: so then the dirt nap cocktail doesn’t sound all that bad then, does it?

    7. rightknight on January 18th, 2014 9:50 pm

      Pain? The move here might be to impugn the State and perhaps to
      collect damages for what is perceived to be a botched ending
      of the life of a convicted murderer. It has yet to be determined
      whether or not great ‘pain’ was experienced or whether the
      convulsion type reaction was done in the same way a beheaded
      chicken will flutter around the chopping block (and even run
      around a bit before collapsing) or some other physiological
      natural reactions. To be avoided of course if possible.

    8. Foghorn Leghorn on January 19th, 2014 10:10 am

      #6 – “so then the dirt nap cocktail doesn’t sound all that bad then, does it?”
      Never said it did. I’ve had worse experiences waking up from surgery. I’m just not a fan of public executions. Are you?
      SM: I take life very seriously. Which is more than I can say for Dennis McGuire.

      What I am is no fan of rapist, murderers and could care less how they are put to death. The tragedy in this case is that justice took 25 years, not that it took this scum bag 25 minutes to die.

    9. Foghorn Leghorn on January 19th, 2014 10:12 am

      #7 – “…a beheaded chicken…” I say, I say, you don’t have to get personal about it, boy!

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