53% Disapprove of the Way Obama is Handling Implementation of Obamacare … 56% Believe Problems with the Website Sign of Broader Problems


Barack Obama’s handling of the Obamacare implementation train wreck gets poor marks … EPIC FAIL!!!

As if Obamacare was not unpopular enough, President Barack Obama is getting poor marks in regard to his handling of the implementation of his signature legislation. According to a recent WAPO-ABC News poll, 53% give Obama a negative grade in his handling of the implementation of Obamacare, while only 41% approve. With all of the failures of the Obamacare web page (Healthcare.gov) only uber-partisan hack Democrats actually gave Obama a glowing review, otherwise the the poll numbers would have been far worse and more accurate. Even the liberal MSM has shown that even logging on Healthcare.gov is nearly impossible. The Obamacare rollout has been “unacceptable” and “Excruciatingly Embarrassing.”  Also, 56% of those polled believe that the numerous problems with the Obamacare web site are a sign of broader problems. Only 40% see the Web site problems as an isolated incident.


Most Americans say the rocky start for HealthCare.gov is a harbinger of bigger problems for the Affordable Care Act, according to results of a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Fifty-six percent of Americans say the Web site problems are part of a broader problem with the law’s implementation while just 40 percent see the Web site problems as an isolated incident. Reaction to federal insurance exchange Web site are deeply rooted in partisanship. More than eight in 10 Republicans say Web site troubles are a sign of broader implementation problems, while most Democrats call it an isolated incident. Independents resemble the public overall, with 55 percent seeing broader problems with implementation.

Full poll results here.


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