Obama Enemies List: Ben Carson Visited by IRS after His Critial Comments of Barack Obama at National Prayer Breakfast Earlier This Year


Is the IRS acting as President Barack Obama’s personal revenge and intimidation department?

Earlier this year at the National Prayer Breakfast former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson became a household name and an instant sensation with Conservatives and Republicans when he openly criticized President Obama’s 2010 healthcare reform law (Obamacare), while Obama was sitting just a few feet away. Enter Chicago-style politics and the politics of fear and intimidation. So what did Dr. Carson get for his Constitutional right to free speech and criticism of Obamacare … why a visit from the IRS of course.

At an event in Birmingham, Ala. Monday night, former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson revealed that he had received a visit from the Internal Revenue Service following his much-noted remarks at a National Prayer Breakfast earlier this year.

“I had my first encounter with the IRS this year, unsurprisingly after the prayer breakfast,” Carson told an audience that at the annual Business Council of Alabama Chairman’s Dinner, according to a report from Cliff Sims of the Montgomery, Ala.-based Yellowhammer News.

Ben Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

Talk about your coincidences, eh? What are the odds that an individual has their first encounter with the IRS following a highly publicized speech that criticized Barack Obama’s signature piece of legislation with the president just mere feet away. With the IRS facing the scandal of targeting conservative groups and the Tea Party, how much of a stretch is it that they would attempt to nip this in the bud ad intimidate Ben Carson? What kind of a police state do we live in under the Obama presidency? Sorry, but the actions of the IRS can hardly be considered random. One has to wonder whether the IRS has become Obama’s storm troopers. Talk about a government abuse of power. No matter what the party is in office or who the president is, this kind of crap cannot be allowed in a Republic.

Remember when Obama joked about using the IRS to audit individuals … I guess we are left to wonder whether he was joking or not? I can bet that Ben Carson, the Tea Party and other Conservative groups are not laughing.

UPDATE I: Washington Times - IRS targeted Dr. Ben Carson after Prayer Breakfast speech.

Just months after he gave a speech earlier this year that challenged America’s leadership in President Obama’s presence, Dr. Ben Carson was targeted by IRS agents who requested to review his real estate holdings and then conducted a full audit without finding any wrongdoing.

“I guess it could be a coincidence, but I never had been audited before and never really had any encounters with the IRS,” Dr. Carson said in an interview Thursday with The Washington Times. “But it certainly would make one suspicious because we know now the IRS has been used for political purposes and therefore actions like this come under suspicion.”

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    3 Responses to “Obama Enemies List: Ben Carson Visited by IRS after His Critial Comments of Barack Obama at National Prayer Breakfast Earlier This Year”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on October 2nd, 2013 9:54 am

      There is plenty of evidence that the IRS has indeed become Obama’s “Storm Troopers”. He was not kidding with his threats. His entire agenda is to destroy the constitution and the structure of freedom in the United States.

      His statement just after the election about bringng “fundamental change” to the country should be understood that he hated the way this country stands out in the world and he would do all he could to reduce its statue.

    2. Rightknight on October 2nd, 2013 11:41 pm

      Here we have a person in the ‘Bully Pulpit’ (Barry Soetoro)
      whose black and white parents tossed him aside early in
      the game, trying his best to gum up the greatest nation
      in the world. Rush Limbaugh was so correct in ‘hoping
      that he fails’!

    3. What a Coincidence … Cancer Patient Bill Elliot Who Spoke Out Against ObamaCare Now Being Audited by IRS | Scared Monkeys on November 29th, 2013 11:44 pm

      [...] at Patterico’s Pontifications … hmm, remember when Dr. Ben Carson got audited as well after he was critical of Obamacare at the National Prayer breakfast with Barack Obama mere [...]

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