ICE Released 2,837 Convicted Alien Sex Offenders Back into US to Comply With Supreme Court Ruling



How on earth are these illegal sex offenders afforded rights under the US Constitution, when it seems like law abiding, actual citizens of the US are having theirs taken away every single day? ICE has released 2,837 illegal alien sex offenders from detention and back into the US population. UNREAL!!! Has the SCOTUS lost their collective minds? So now illegal sex offender have rights. Maybe we can get them drivers licenses too.

Who honestly thinks that this could be a good idea? I have to 100% agree with the minority decent, Justice Antonin Scalia, who said: “Insofar as a claimed legal right to release into this country is concerned, an alien under final order of removal stands on an equal footing with an inadmissible alien at the threshold of entry: He has no such right.”

The 2,837 sex offenders represented five percent of the 59,347 deportable aliens that have been released from detention under the supervision of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to the GAO report, which was released Thursday.

“There are circumstances in which criminal aliens who have been ordered removed from the United States – including those convicted of a sex offense – cannot be removed,” the report states. “For example, a criminal alien may not be removed because the designated country will not accept the alien’s return.”

The GAO report refers to the 2001 Supreme Court case Zadvydas v. Davis to explain why ICE is required to release foreigners who have been convicted of sex crimes. In its 5-4 decision, the court ruled that the indefinite detention of removable aliens for greater than six months is unconstitutional unless there is “significant likelihood of removal in the reasonably foreseeable future.”

“Freedom from imprisonment lies at the heart of the liberty protected by the Due Process Clause,” Associate Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in the majority opinion. Breyer was joined in this opinion by J.P. Stevens (a Gerald Ford apppointee), Sandra Day O’Connor (a Reagan appointee), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (a Clinton appointee), and David Souter (a George H.W. Bush appointee).

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    2 Responses to “ICE Released 2,837 Convicted Alien Sex Offenders Back into US to Comply With Supreme Court Ruling”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on September 15th, 2013 9:43 am

      This is exactly why there should be term limits on appointments to the Supreme Court. I would recommend no more than twelve years.

      We expect these people to be the best jurists in the land who will use good judgement to protect the people from bad law and situations. This is not happening. Instead we have a liberal viewpoint that will allow the release of known sex offenders into our society.

      The excuse of some cannot be deported because their home country will not take them is not valid. If their home country will not take them back, then we should simply put a needle in their are and remove them from the planet. At the same time, those countries that have refused to take the criminals back should be penalized by removing the entry by visa of any of their population.

    2. THE TSA, ICE AND ILLEGAL ALIENS! | Angry White Dude on September 15th, 2013 12:56 pm

      [...] that have already taken place behind the scenes, yet nary a word. – You can read both in full here and [...]

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