JUSTICE SERVED … Texas Dad Will Not Charged Who Beat To Death the Man Who Was Raping His 5 Year Old Daughter



A Texas dad will not be charged with homicide after beating the man to death he caught raping his 5 year old daughter. Charge him? They should have given him a medal. The 23 year-old father beat 47 year old Jesus Flores to death for molesting his five year old girl in a secluded barn. Under Texas law, an individual is allowed to use deadly force in order to stop an aggravated sexual assault or sexual assault. There might not be a more justifiable deadly force case ever. The dad ran toward his daughter’s screams, who had been dragged to a secluded out building.  The father caught Flores in the act of raping his child, pulled Flores off his child and ‘inflicted several blows to the man’s head and neck area’. After having killed the dirt bag, the dad showed remorse and was sorry for beating the man to death. Kind of sad that the dad felt he needed to do this, maybe to prevent from being prosecuted.  However, you have no need to feel sorry sir, you did what any parent would have done. Or should we say, better have done.


A Texas father who discovered a man raping his five-year-old daughter and beat him to death with his bare hands will not be charged with homicide under state law.

A Lavaca County grand jury decided not to press charges against the 23-year-old father in the June 9th death of Jesus Mora Flores, 47, who was killed inside a remote shack after he was caught molesting the young girl.

Under Texas state law, deadly force is authorized and indeed, justified in order to stop an aggravated sexual assault and coupled with the fact that the harrowing 911 calls made by the father back claims he even tried to save the pedophile’s life led to the grand jury’s decision.

Lavaca County sheriff’s deputies said that the father, whose name has not been released to protect the little girl’s identity, sent her and her brother to feed the family’s chickens.

The boy rushed back to tell his dad that someone had grabbed his sister and taken her to a small secluded shack and the father rushed towards his daughter’s screams and arrived to find them both with their underwear off.

Flying into a rage, the father beat Flores unconscious, but attempted to call 911 for the rapist after he had made sure his daughter was safe.

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    2 Responses to “JUSTICE SERVED … Texas Dad Will Not Charged Who Beat To Death the Man Who Was Raping His 5 Year Old Daughter”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on September 3rd, 2013 10:07 am

      The Grand Jury followed the law and “No Billed” the father.

      This case illustrates the prime reason that the Southern border needs to be closed to the point that none can cross without proper papers.

      The Mexican culture does not recognize that young girls have the right to refuse an act of rape. By leaving this border open, we are exposing our female children to this horrible experience. It needs to stop.

    2. super dave on September 3rd, 2013 10:10 am

      another one of obama’s natural born democrats attacking a 5 yearold girl. the death was not enough. this child will have to live with this the rest of her life.

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