Barack Obama Creates More PT Jobs for Americans … Illinois Pays Workers $9 An Hour To Sign People Up For Obamacare


Illinois pays workers $9/hr. for part time job to enroll people in Obamacare and plan on giving them three days training …

President Barack Obama creates jobs for Americans, however, they they are once again part time ones. Illinois workers are paid $9 an hour to sign people up for Obamacare. That’s correct, more part time jobs as a result of Obamacare. This must be more of those great jobs that Obama promised Americans. Weasel Zippers reminds us that the payment for these temp jobs is just $0.75 above minimum wage. Two things that I find rather comical about this call for job applicants. The story states that those hired will get 3 days if training on health insurance, enrollment and other “complicated aspects” of Obamacare. THREE DAYS!!! Wow, how about three months? To this day nobody has a clue as to what this ridiculous, train-wreck” law is about and the people who are to sign you up and enroll you get a whopping three days of training. What a joke. Better yet, take a look at the position of project coordinator, of which it appears there is only one of those positions. It requires some one  with experience in community organizing and public speaking. In other words, it is what Barack Obama is qualified to do as a job, not President of the United States.


Talk about your double Obama whammie … Obamacare and jobs, two Obama failures

Working on a tight timeframe, Illinois is building an 800-person army of temporary workers to help people sign up for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

The “in-person counselor” jobs, located in every corner of the state, range from a $9-an-hour part-time evening job in Clinton County to a $45,000-a-year project coordinator position in Chicago for someone with experience in community organizing and public speaking.

The workers will help consumers apply for coverage, and will answer questions and explain differences between the insurance policies offered on the new online marketplace. They will help consumers figure out if they’re eligible for Medicaid or for new tax credits that will help many people pay for coverage.

Job applications are being collected online and anyone hired will get three days of training about health insurance, enrollment rules and other complicated aspects of the health law. Illinois must act quickly to be ready for Oct. 1, the first day of enrollment for the law’s new insurance opportunities.

Honestly, how well versed and knowledgeable could anyone be getting paid $9 an hour and only receiving 3 days of training for a law to help others and answer questions when politicians have been dealing with this for years and still could not tell you whats in Obamacare?

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    1. dennisintn on August 24th, 2013 5:35 am

      i’d bet an audit would reveal that most of these workers could have been found on the payroll of acorn and whatever the new name of acorn is.

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