The Divider & Narcissist in Chief Barack Obama … Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me (VIDEO & Transcript) … Obama Fans the Flames of Racism


THE EPIC FAILURE KNOWN AS BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA: The Race Baiter in Chief was at it again yesterday as he threw more fuel on the fire in the wake of the George Zimmerman murder trial “not guilty” verdict.

Barack Obama, the community agitator is at it again. Because in the end, it’s all about Barack Obama and if you are white, you are a racist. Take a good watch and listen to President Barack Obama’s comments from the VIDEO below. Obama basically called the jury of six woman in the George Zimmerman murder trial racists. UNBELIEVABLE. Because race relations are not bad enough in the United States under this presidency and following the Trayvon Martin shooting death as race baiter and race hustlers have made matters worse playing the race card at every opportune moment.

So why would we not think that Barack Obama, the first black president, the individual who was supposed to be a bridge between the races better … make things worse. This narcissist had to once again make it about Obama. Instead of Obama saying if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon Martin, this time Obama had to say … “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” How is it that a man is supposed to lead, diffuse the issues and be a president to all, instead just takes the easy way out and identifies with only one segment of society? Sorry, but Obama is a poor excuse of a president and a poor excuse of a human being. All he can do is attack his own racism and past to Trayvon Martin like a leach. Instead of understanding that some one has a right to protect themselves and self-defense, Obama continues to pile on and pander to the black community to make matters worse between races. Maybe because if they do, We the People will be too busy being at each others throats to pay attention to his epic failure of a presidency? Oh, and by the way Mr. President, George Zimmerman WAS NOT WHITE!!!

Wow, as opined by the Gateway Pundit,  if you lock your doors and protect your property, you are a racist. And according to Barack Obama if you were on the jury and found George Zimmerman “not guilty,” you must be racist as well. Instead if diffusing the fire and telling black America that, yes there is still racism in the United States, however, the case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin was not it, Barack Obama basically discounted the entire criminal case against Zimmerman and the fact that neither the FBI, the Florida prosecutors or Eric Holder and the DOJ can find no evidence that George Zimmerman was a racist, ever acted like a racists or the death of Trayvon Martin was racially motivated. As a matter of fact, even the prosecution in their closing arguments said it wasn’t about race.

Remarks by the President on Trayvon Martin (Full text).

First of all, I want to make sure that, once again, I send my thoughts and prayers, as well as Michelle’s, to the family of Trayvon Martin, and to remark on the incredible grace and dignity with which they’ve dealt with the entire situation.  I can only imagine what they’re going through, and it’s remarkable how they’ve handled it.

The second thing I want to say is to reiterate what I said on Sunday, which is there’s going to be a lot of arguments about the legal issues in the case — I’ll let all the legal analysts and talking heads address those issues.  The judge conducted the trial in a professional manner.  The prosecution and the defense made their arguments.  The juries were properly instructed that in a case such as this reasonable doubt was relevant, and they rendered a verdict.  And once the jury has spoken, that’s how our system works.  But I did want to just talk a little bit about context and how people have responded to it and how people are feeling.

You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot I said that this could have been my son.  Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.  And when you think about why, in the African American community at least, there’s a lot of pain around what happened here, I think it’s important to recognize that the African American community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away.

There are very few African American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store.  That includes me.  There are very few African American men who haven’t had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars.  That happens to me — at least before I was a senator.  There are very few African Americans who haven’t had the experience of getting on an elevator and a woman clutching her purse nervously and holding her breath until she had a chance to get off.  That happens often.

And I don’t want to exaggerate this, but those sets of experiences inform how the African American community interprets what happened one night in Florida.  And it’s inescapable for people to bring those experiences to bear.  The African American community is also knowledgeable that there is a history of racial disparities in the application of our criminal laws — everything from the death penalty to enforcement of our drug laws.  And that ends up having an impact in terms of how people interpret the case.


This must have been the Obama that related to Trayvon?

But why would we thing that Barack Obama would ever do the right thing? Instead of bringing people together, he brings up past racism, and singles out a group of people to blame. His speech did not make things better, it made matters worse. We can all remember how Obama dealt with the situation in Cambridge, MA when white police officers arrested a black professor. Without knowing any of the facts, Obama automatically deemed it racists and said the cops acted stupidly (VIDEO).  This clown joked around to the press corps and basically called the police racists. Not much has changed with this president.

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    9 Responses to “The Divider & Narcissist in Chief Barack Obama … Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me (VIDEO & Transcript) … Obama Fans the Flames of Racism”

    1. Tamikosmom on July 20th, 2013 3:23 pm

      Did Barack Obama add fuel to the fire ….


      Obama: ‘Trayvon Martin could have been me’
      July 19, 2013

      African-Americans feel the context of the Martin killing is little known or denied, “and that all contributes, I think, to a sense that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario that, from top to bottom, both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different,” Obama said.

      ‘Justice for Trayvon’ rallies set for 100 cities
      Published July 20, 2013

      Zimmerman did not invoke Florida’s stand-your-ground law, instead relying on a traditional self-defense argument. Nor was race discussed in front of the jury that acquitted Zimmerman. But the two topics have dominated public discourse about the case, and came up throughout Saturday’s rallies.

    2. Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s Trayvon Martin Speech: “I Thought It was a Political Speach Adressed to his Constituants on the Left … Obama Reracialized the Event” | Scared Monkeys on July 20th, 2013 3:51 pm

      [...] forth his opinions on Barack Obama’s Trayvon Martin speech.  He stated he thought it was a political speech addressed to his constituents on the Left, which was unfortunate.  Krauthammer then said that it was “not enlightening”  and the [...]

    3. Lightwave on July 20th, 2013 4:33 pm

      Repeat after me, libtards:

      The Zimmerman trial was not about race until Obamee, Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry and the other professional race hustlers made it about race.

      I’ll say it again:

      The Zimmerman trial was not about race until YOU LIBERALS made it about race. It’s been that way for decades now and if you try to fight back you’re automatically RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST.

    4. A Texas Grandfather on July 20th, 2013 6:33 pm

      This is nothing more than “race baiting” by the Community Organizer sitting in the oval office acting as POTUS. He is not capable of being President of the United States for all the people.

      The entire concept of the Zimmerman trial was false and should never have happened. The Community Organizer is trying to divide the country and create a civil war.

    5. Daily Commentary – Monday, July 22, 2013 – President Obama Says Trayvon Could Have Been Him 35 years Ago | Scared Monkeys on July 22nd, 2013 8:11 am

      [...] Trayvon Martin could have been me, Obama also appears to have super hearing after claiming as a young person he could hear car doors locking as he passed. [...]

    6. WaPo Poll Says 86% of Blacks Disapprove Of Zimmerman Verdict in Death of Trayvon Martin, While a Majority Of Whites Agree With Not Guilty Verdict | Scared Monkeys on July 23rd, 2013 9:30 am

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      [...] has participated in with the aftermath of the George Zimmerman murder trial where he stated that Trayvon Martin could have been him 35 years ago. However, in the end blacks are more likely focused on the fact there are no jobs, the jobs that do [...]

    8. Barack Obama’s Job Approval Poll Numbers Fall … Only 37% Approve of his Handling of the Economy | Scared Monkeys on July 24th, 2013 12:45 pm

      [...] again. The NSA spying on Americans does not seem to be going away either. Barack Obama then had to interject himself once again into the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case and provide his opinions on race. Instead of looking [...]

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