Barack Obama, Clueless and Speechless San Jose, California … The First Time He Has Seen His Remarks is When the MSM Reports tham as Well


The Teleprompter in Chief …

Friday’s embarrassing presser  in San Jose, California is just a microcosm of the Obama presidency. Barack Obama stepped up to the mic for to give his prepared remarks except for one problem, he had no prepared remarks to read from and its not like he actually knew what he was talking about without his staff prepared remarks. Good Grief, really? What is Obama, a game show host who needs “dummy” cards in order to actually function? One would think that an individual giving remarks to an audience has some clue as to what they are going to say and uses the written remarks as something to refer to, not have to rely on a prepared statement to read from verbatim. Especially, when you are the President of the United States. Does Obama know anything that is going on, or is it all spoon fed to him? These remarks were about Obamacare. Are you telling me that this president cannot speak to his signature piece of legislation, Obamacare, without prepared remarks, really? Actually Barack Obama, the only person sweating right now should be you with your multitude of scandals you have inflicted upon ‘We the People.”

President Obama took the stage Friday to discuss ObamaCare, only to find that his prepared remarks weren’t at the podium.

The president twice yelled “people!” to his staff before an aide hastily delivered his remarks to the podium.

“Folks are sweating back there right now,” Obama then said through a clenched grin.

According to Obama, he heard about the IRS scandals and others for the first time when the MSM reported on them. Of course most common sense Americans think that is bunk. However, it looks like the first time he learned about his speech remarks is when the media reports it as well. What a joke.

From CNN:

President Barack Obama got off to an awkward and unusual start Friday morning as he took the stage to give a speech on health care reform.

Once he took the podium, he realized he didn’t have anything to talk about.

“Good morning everybody. It is wonderful to see all of you and I want to thank everybody who is here,” he said at the San Jose, California, event. “I think there is only one problem. My remarks aren’t sitting here.”

As the audience began to chuckle, Obama looked off stage, searching for his aides and uttering: “People?”

“Things by Friday afternoon-things get a little challenged,” he added, trying to stall.


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    5 Responses to “Barack Obama, Clueless and Speechless San Jose, California … The First Time He Has Seen His Remarks is When the MSM Reports tham as Well”

    1. kashekamon on June 9th, 2013 9:29 am

      That f****** moron is completely unaware and clueless, doesn’t even know why he is there. Too busy taking extravagant vacations, playing basketball, having secret meetings with rev Wright on how to proceed with more acts of vicious, hateful crimes towards Americans.

      The bill for Obamacare needs to be shredded and disposed of. Controlling doctors and the medical and physical health care needed for patients. He and his cohorts, gang of bandits and vigilantes want access to all of our medical records and will determine what the plan of action will be. The when, where and how!!!!!!!!!!

      His next plan of dictatorship will be medeling into our retirement accounts and placing a ceiling on our investments.

      Impeach him, throw him OUT of the White House, he’s smelling up the place. Imprisonment, if there is any of his life time left deport him to Kenya, where he was born. And see to it that Peloski and Reid are also held accountable for their acts of cheating, sneaking, lying and being plainly untrustworthy, just to mention a few.

    2. kashekamon on June 9th, 2013 10:05 am

      He who thinks he is the Messiah, the almighty, said there will be a bring light shining down from above, that is called lightening, you idiot. God will not shine any light down that would encourage you to continue your cruel, ugly and vile behavior. It’s the other way around.

      Obama should be forced to return all the monies he has taken as President from the taxpayers for reimbursement of being President. He has not performed his duties, hasn’t fulfilled his job requirements and just plain out right lied, misinformed us and has held back the truth.

      Donald Trump has offered to pay for the White House tours and any needed security. Obama told him no!!!!!What’s the problem, I guess he doesn’t want us to know, how dirty and smelly the place has become. He doesn’t want you to see the putting greens in the Oval Office. In addition, to want to punish us and our children. What a disgusting piece of s***!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. kashekamon on June 9th, 2013 10:21 am

      He is referred to as, The Empty Suit, well almost empty, except for one thing, all the crap inside.

    4. super dave on June 10th, 2013 7:14 am

      if you are not an American, you have no idea how to address Americans. obama has had to read speeches written for him because he is stupid to American politics. be on guard citizens, he intends to destroy us all. NO AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS !!!!!

    5. mc on June 12th, 2013 2:03 pm

      He sucks at math.

      He can’t orate w/o his teleprompter.

      He can’t do speeches w/o prepared notes, most likely written by someone else.

      He probably can’t even go to the bathroom without have an intern wipe his butt.

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