Amidst Three Scandals (IRS, Benghazi & AP) Barack Obama Goes Golfing, Again


Forest Gump Barack Obama Goes Golfing …

“It’s inexcusable, the public has a right to be angry about it … “ – Obama discussing IRS scandal. Interestingly enough, that is how most people think about you screwing around golfing rather than doing your job.

As reported by ABC News, despite being in the middle of three scandals President Barack Obama went golfing. That is correct, the Golfer in Chief went golfing as his administration is in taters as he, his minions and advisers struggle to deal with the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal and the AP scandal. Good grief, who friggin does this? Could this president care less about the harm that his administration has caused to America and Americans. This is how little he cares that the IRS would purposely target Conservatives? Oh that’s right, they were conservatives and Tea Party folk, they don’t count in Obama’s mind. Could his actions show anything but that? Obama claimed he was outraged. This is how he shows his outrage that the IRS subverted the US Constitution to help him politically to win reelection? The Obama administration was also forced to provide a document dump of emails regarding Benghazi this week.  Obama claimed he knew nothing about the IRS, AP or Benghazi scandals. So do we have a pathological liar in the White House or Forest Gump?


President Obama — despite dealing with a trio of political scandals that flared up this week — squeezed in some time on the golf course today, and included a woman in his foursome for the first time this year.

The president played golf at Andrews Air Force Base today with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, and Let’s Move! and nutrition policy advisor Sam Kass.

Earlier this week, Obama even took flack from the LEFT for his actions when MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked, “What part of the presidency does Obama like?” It would appear the golf. Those on the LEFT call Obama detached. So doe that make him fit for office? An individual who golfs while his administration burns? Maybe if Obama spent half the time doing his job and understanding what was going on in his administration. Then again, Obama knew. He created the culture of attacking conservatives. That was his agenda all along.

Barack Obama reminds me of OJ Simpson who said after he was ridiculously found not guilty of murder that he would spend his time searching for his wife’s killer. Of course that resulted in OJ’s searching on golf courses across the US.

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