Moonbats of Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Roger Ebert’s Funeral


Keeping it classy, NOT!

Looks like the moonbats at the Westboro Baptist Church need more media attention. It would appear that the Westboro Baptist Church members are going to picket movie critic Roger Ebert’s funeral. Roger Ebert passed away last week after his battle with cancer. Sorry, but whether one agrees with the guy or does not, have an ounce of class. Picketing a funeral, really? I know, I know, if these folks would protest a child’s funeral or a US soldiers funeral, what’s picketing a Hollywood movie critic’s one.

Leaders of Kansas’ Westboro Baptist Church, notorious for picketing at the funerals of soldiers and gay teenagers, have revealed that they plan to picket the funeral of late movie critic Roger Ebert on Monday.

In its news release, the group calls Ebert a “f-g enabler” and complains that he used his Twitter “to mock the faithful servants of God at Westboro Baptist Church.”

On March 25, Ebert did in fact tweet a link to a Salon post that features an excerpt from a book by Jeff Chu titled Does Jesus Really Love Me?: A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America. Chu, a gay man, spent a day at Westboro as part of his research.

Ebert tweeted the link twice, once with the message “Just another day at Westboro Baptist” and again with a similar message: “One more day at the Westboro Baptist church.”

Westboro also calls Ebert a “fool sold his soul for some fame & fortune.”

WOW, really? What do they say about those who live in glass houses and what did the Bible say about  those that cast the first stone?

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