Former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner Presumed Dead after Gun Battle with Police and Fire Engulfs Cabin he Was Barricaded In



The man hunt and stand off with former LA police officer Christopher Dorner who went on a killing spree murdering four individuals. including two police officers, is over. The stand off ended Tuesday at a mountain cabin in Big Bear in a gun battle and fire the engulfed the cabin where Dorner barricaded himself inside. Christopher Dorner  is presumed dead. Early reports from multiple sources of a body found in the cabin were said to be premature as the cabin was too hot to investigate. However, later according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, investigators found charred human remains in the burned out cabin’s debris. Although they are considered to belong to cop killer Christopher Dorner, forensic test need to be done in order to confirm it. The LA PD and their families can rest easier today as this lunatic, hell bent on revenge and killing those he presumed responsible for his lot in life and their families is dead. Christopher Dorner won’t be down for breakfast.

Christopher Dorner – DEAD

The manhunt for a former Los Angeles police officer suspected of going on a killing spree converged may have ended Tuesday at a mountain cabin where authorities believe he barricaded himself inside, engaged in a shootout that killed a deputy, and then never emerged as the home went up in flames.

Investigators found charred human remains in the burned out cabin’s debris, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, which said forensic techniques would be used to try to identify the body.

CBS News correspondent John Miller says two law enforcement sources tell him authorities are confident the body is that of fugitive Christopher Dorner, 33. Their confidence was based on the facts that the man who stole a truck fit Dormer’s description, that the same man was chased to the cabin, that he tossed a green smoke grenade at officers from inside the cabin and used a 50 caliber weapon to fire on them.

Based on the fact that the house was surrounded and no one was seen fleeing, Miller adds, authorities feel the body is indeed that of Dorner.

VIDEO of Gun Battle with police from CBS News (local TV station gets up close and personal in the midst of the gun battle)

 Fire broke out in the cabin after law enforcement made their assault on the cabin,  the L.A. TImes reports that “police had broken down windows, pumped in tear gas and blasted a loud speaker urging Dorner to surrender. When they got no response, police deployed a vehicle to rip down the walls of the cabin ‘one by one, like peeling an onion,’ a law enforcement official said.” When authorities reached the last wall, they heard a single gunshot. Gunshots were later heard, likely due to the fire engulfing the cabin. Some reports presume that Dorner was burned alive. I hardly doubt it. The single gun shot was most likely a single self inflicted death blow to Dorner, favorite act of cowards everywhere when they know the gig is up.

More VIDEO of events and reports on the scene.


UPDATE I: From, the LEFTIST Dorner supporters on Twitter cheer on the cop killer as he battles police … GO DORNER GO!!! What a bunch of sick twisted people that would support and defend the senseless murdering of innocent people. More at, #TeamDorner cretins root for Dorner to kill more police officers during gunfight. UNBELIEVABLE.

UPDATE II: From Info Wars comes VIDEO and audio of police chatter discussing the siege of the cabin and setting the burners, code for tear gas … LAPD Audio From Dorner Siege: “Burn This Motherf*cker”. Alex Jones seems to be upset that the police “pulled a WACO” on a cop killer to silence him forever. Really dude, do you really think that this was going to end in an arrest? The delusional, conspiracy theorist best put his tinfoil hat back on. When the fire started, the cop killer could have come out of the cabin and surrender. Instead, Dorner most likely committed suicide. Most likely the autopsy will show this; however, the Dorner supporters will say that is all part of the Man’s conspiracy as well.

The LAPD has pulled a Waco. Barely two hours after ordering the media to remove their helicopters from the area and cut all live feeds, the LAPD managed to set fire to the cabin occupied by Christopher Dorner and burn him alive inside it, according to media reports.

Mission accomplished for the LAPD, an organization that has run its manhunt more like a rampaging street gang than a professional police department. As Natural News has already documented, LAPD officers have engaged in attempted murder of innocent citizens in their freakish frenzy to try to kill Dorner.

Their motive explains why LAPD officers fired tear gas into the cabin where Dorner was staying, knowing it would ignite flammable materials in the home and set the place on fire.

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    7 Responses to “Former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner Presumed Dead after Gun Battle with Police and Fire Engulfs Cabin he Was Barricaded In”

    1. Dunny on February 13th, 2013 1:55 pm

      Government in the United States is completely out of control. It doesn’t matter how many people Dorner killed. He has a right to due process. What part of “NO PERSON SHALL BE DEPRIVED OF LIFE . . . WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW” do people not understand? This was arson and murder on the part of police. Not surprising, given that police in the US today are nothing more than a state-sponsored terrorist organization. Dorner is just another police terrorist.
      SM: You really have no understanding of anything do you? He was deemed a domestic terrorist who killed 4 people. They tried to take him alive but this was never going to end with Dorner in cuffs. It was always going to end in a blaze of gun fire or a in this case a blaze. An autopsy will determine he killed himself with the single gun shot that was hear when the fire started.

      Dorner could have surrendered at any time.

      Dunny said, “has a right to due process”. What he did not have a right to was to continue to kill innocent people and cops in order to capture him. At some point the loss of lives is taken into account and the call was made to take him.

      The fact that you are more concerned with a killer’s due process than the murdered individuals and their families is rather sick.


    2. Dunny on February 13th, 2013 2:00 pm

      Or maybe the Dorner standoff should become the model for how the government deals with all gun owners and loud mouthed second amendment activists.
      SM: A lot you know, READ MUCH? If you had actually followed this story and read Dorner’s manifesto … he was for GUN CONTROL. Reading comprehension is just a terrible thing now isn’t it?

      So let’s get this straight, you believe in killing people who express their First and Second Amendment rights afforded to them by the US Constitution? Go crawl under a rock troll.

      Christopher Dorner, The Unlikely Gun Control Advocate

      But the real story in Dorner’s crazy manifesto may be his enthusiastic, uncompromising support of gun control.

      Here is a man who is suspected of having killed four other humans with firearms; who wielded high-power weapons as part of his job, throughout his entire professional life in the Navy and then the police; who describes in detail his cache of assault weapons — but who also launches into a passionate rant explaining why people should not have those arms.

    3. Tamikosmom on February 13th, 2013 2:19 pm

      Chris Dorner’s mindset was so warped. How did his thinking process convince him that a reign of terror would afford validation in any way from a perceived injustice?


      Authorities work to ID remains believed to belong to fugitive ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner
      Published February 13, 2013

      Dorner, 33, had said in a lengthy rant police believe he posted on Facebook that he expected to die in one final, violent confrontation with police, and if it was him in the cabin that’s just what happened.

      Murder Suspect Chris Dorner’s Online Manifesto

      “I want all journalist to utilize every source you have that specializes in collections for your reports. With the discovery and evidence available you will see the truth. Unfortunately, I will not be alive to see my name cleared. That’s what this is about, my name. A man is nothing without his name.”

    4. A Texas Grandfather on February 13th, 2013 4:14 pm

      Dorner killed some cops. That is why they did not want to take him alive. With the choppers of the news media five miles away the LAPD decided to either burn him up or if he came out they would have filled his body with bullets. He knew this so when it got to the end, he offed himself.

      This manhunt should have been over days ago. Too many chiefs and not enough indians to get the job done. SWAT tactics do not work in the forrest.

    5. Ex-LA Cop Christopher Dorner’s Burned Body is Positively Identified after Autopsey | Scared Monkeys on February 15th, 2013 9:15 am

      [...] official autopsy of the charred body pulled from the burned out mountain cabin where Dorner was in a stand off and gun fight with police. Christopher Dorner had murdered four individuals, including two police officers before [...]

    6. The Dana Pretzer Show – Tuesday, February 19, 2013 – Don’t Miss Tonights Show with Gene Cervantes, Pat Brown and Robin Sax | Scared Monkeys Radio on February 19th, 2013 10:34 pm

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