He Said He Would Reach Across the Aisle … Barack Obama, the Most Polarizing President Ever During First Term as President


BARACK OBAMA, THE DIVIDER IN CHIEF … According to Gallup, Barack Obama is the most polarizing President ever during their first term in office.

In the end it was not even close. Barack Obama was the most polarizing president in the history of Gallup polling for a president during their first term in office. Obama finished his 4 years in office with a 70 point partisan average gap, the next closest was George W. Bush at 61. Barack Obama finished his fourth year as president, tied with GWB at 76. Gallup tries to explain Obama’s record polarization by saying it is just the era we live in. What they won’t tell you is that the reason for the polarization is at record levels is because Barack Obama is trying to fundamentally change the United States into a Western European socialist country. That is why so many who appose him have such a negative view of his policies. Obama once said that he would reach across the aisle and that there were no red or blue states, only the United States. What a fraud perpetrated on the American people.

Obama on Pace to Be Most Polarizing President Yet

The average party gap in ratings of President Obama during the four years of his presidency is 70 percentage points. If that average holds, it would surpass Bush’s record 61-point average polarization during his eight-year presidency by a considerable margin. Bush also finished his presidency with a significantly larger party gap in job approval ratings than the previous leader, Bill Clinton (55 points).

Hey America, how’s that “Hopey-Changey” stuff working out for you?

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