What Hypocrisy … Candy Crowley Asks Does it Matter if There is a Lack of Diversity In Obama Cabinet Matter?


Yet another example of media double standard and the demise of the MSM …

Just when you thought there could not be any more hypocrisy from the liberal MSM, they outdo themselves. It is simply amazing just how far they have sold their journalistic integrity when covering Barack Obama. The latest example is their coverage of Obama’s lack of diversity in his Cabinet picks. On CNN’s State of the Union this weekend, host Candy Crowley began a segment on Obama’s lack of diversity in his Cabinet picks by asking her guests, “Does it matter?”

From Newsbusters:

CANDY CROWLEY: There is a lot made about the president’s latest picks in the cabinet. Jack Lew, Senator Hagel, Senator Kerry in key positions here. Treasury, defense, state department. Something that your colleague Congressman Rangel said about the lack of diversity in the cabinet thus far. I’m sorry. Yeah, he said, “It’s embarrassing as hell,” his words. “We’ve been through all of this with [2012 GOP presidential nominee] Mitt Romney. And we were very hard with Mitt Romney with the women binder and a variety of things. And I kind of think there’s no excuse with the second term.” He was talking about where are all these, and there was a White House cabinet picture, a photo that went out and it was kind of astonishing in its white male variety. First of all, does it matter?

What a joke, even Democrat US Rep. Charlie Rangel from New York realizes it is an issue, yet those in the MSM like Candy Crowley who continually carry the water for Obama suddenly have a change of heart when it comes to holding Obama accountable. From Mediaite, Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said that “it does matter” but noted “it’s a little bit early” to judge, because not all the cabinet positions have been filled.   All during the 2012 Presidential election the MSM accused the GOP of a “war on woman” and continually accuse the Republic party as being one of white men. Yet, when Barack Obama does the same with his Cabinet, the media asks whether diversity matters. UNREAL. It is simply shameful that a media would provide Obama a pass when we all know that if and when a Republican is the president and did the same thing, they would be calling for diversity.

For the MSM diversity does matter, as long as Barack Obama is not President. They have sold their journalistic souls to be Obama’s propaganda machine.

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