Justin Bieber: Kidnapping, Strangling and Castrating, Oh Baby … The Bizarre Plot of Obsessed Killer Dana Martin


Baby, Baby, Baby , Oh  … Plot to kidnap, strangle and castrate the Bieb’s … 

No one could have seen this PR coming . Justin Bieber has many obsessed and crazed fans, but even the Biebs could not have imagined this. Most of his obsessed fans are 12 year old tweens, not killers. According to The Sun, obsessed killer and Mexican inmate Dana Martin allegedly plotted to kidnap, castrate and strangle, not necessarily in the order. Martin had also put a $2,500 bounty on each of the Bieb’s testicles. YIKES!!! Or should I say, Baby, baby, baby, no? Jailed Dana Martin recruited Mark Staake and Staake’s nephew Tanner Ruane to execute his plan. Get this, the reason for the criminal plot was because Martin was convinced Bieber had snubbed his efforts to contact him. GEE, I WONDER WHY … Martin seems just so stable.

Justin Bieber attracting the attention of tween & teen girls, their moms and imprisoned crazed, obsessed male killers

Obsessed killer Dana Martin allegedly put a $2,500 bounty on each of Justin Bieber’s testicles as he outlined a plot to kidnap, castrate and strangle the teen pin-up.

Jailed Martin — who sports a Bieber tattoo on his leg — is accused of arranging for two other men to abduct and murder the singer, his bodyguard and two more unrelated victims.

According to court papers, he recruited Mark Staake to execute his plan after becoming convinced Bieber had snubbed his efforts to contact him. Staake’s nephew Tanner Ruane was later drafted in on the plot.

Having declared the bounty — worth £1,550 — on the 18-year-old’s private parts, Martin then ordered his accomplices to strangle the Baby singer with a paisley tie, it is claimed.

The gang were allegedly poised to strike as Bieber played sold-out concerts at New York’s Madison Square Garden on November 28 and 29.

 From CNN:

A New Mexico inmate, an ex-convict on probation and his nephew are under investigation for plotting to castrate and murder pop singer Justin Bieber, police said Thursday.

Their unsuccessful scheme called for targeting Bieber and his bodyguard while in New York City in mid-November, and their motive grew from the inmate’s quest for notoriety and his infatuation with Bieber, said a New Mexico State Police affidavit.

The inmate, Dana Martin, who is serving two life sentences for a 2000 rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl in Vermont, has a tattoo of Bieber on his leg and had attempted to correspond with Bieber, who never responded, the affidavit said.

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    1. Carpe on December 14th, 2012 10:09 pm

      2,500 sounds a little rich for a Bieber pair. Obviously, they weren’t charging by weight!
      Seriously – I don’t listen to his music… but I
      definitely would like him to hang on to his whiffle balls. You hurt – I hurt, it’s a brotherhood type of thing.

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