Welfare State on Steroids … Welcome to America Where it Does not Pay to Work


Welcome to Obama Land, a “welfare” state on steroids … For Every 1.25 People in Private Sector, 1 Person Gets a Government Check.

Remember an America where individuals believed in hard work and perseverance? Remember an America where individuals took pride in their work and believed in an honest days wage for an honest days work? Remember when we believed in getting ahead over entitlement? NOT ANY MORE. Welcome to an Obama world where many do not want to work a normal work week but expect to be paid for it. Welcome to the Obama progressive welfare state where the slackers succeed off those that work hard. America just elected a president who spent $5 trillion during his first term and looks to double down in this second one.  Who really gets hurt by this, the rich? Nope, the middle class. For those in the middle class who work for a living to put food on their families table and a roof over their head, have been sold down the river by federal and state governments that have created a welfare system on steroids. How bad has it become in the United States, it does not pay to work. This country is about to hit a tipping point and the point of no return. Who thinks that this was the vision of Our Founding Fathers?

The grim and disturbing news from Zero Hedge Fund:

[I]t is now more lucrative – in the form of actual disposable income – to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work. This is graphically, and very painfully confirmed, in the below chart from Gary Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (a state best known for its broke capital Harrisburg). As quantitied, and explained by Alexander, “the single mom is better off earning gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045.“

As aptly stated by Powerline, Those who work for a living have been sold out by federal and state governments that have created a welfare system gone mad.

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    3 Responses to “Welfare State on Steroids … Welcome to America Where it Does not Pay to Work”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on November 28th, 2012 11:42 am

      This is exactly the “Utopia” that the Progressives have been working to accomplish beginning one hundred years ago with Woodrow Wilson. The signers of the Declaration of Independence and the framers of the Constitution tried their best to make it hard to accomplish.

      Government at every level is out of control. The people will have to make a new Declaration of Independence and throw out the majority of politicians and their croneys while finding a way to survive.

    2. Mildly Interesting. | Thinking Americanist on November 28th, 2012 2:48 pm

      [...] In·sur·rec· tion, American Power, The PJ Tatler,The Lonely Conservative, Wake up America, Scared Monkeys, americanthinker.com, The Gateway Pundit,Moonbattery, Weasel Zippers and UrbanGrounds If you [...]

    3. katablog.com on November 29th, 2012 6:45 pm

      enjoy it while it lasts because everything is about to come to a screeching halt for the blood suckers. Pretty soon there won’t be any more blood to suck.

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