Benghazigate Continues: Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West Repeats … “There Was NO Presidential Order to Secure Benghazi Consulate


Where is the proof that there was a Presidential order to secure the Benghazi consulate?

This morning on FOX News former Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West once again repeated what he had said previously when interviewed by Greta Van Susteren … . West stated he does not believe there ever was a presidential order.

VIDEO Hat Tip: The Gateway Pundit

In my judgement the audio track will show the White House knew that there was an attack going on. The real critical issue is the president says that he immediately ordered all available assets to help. The military would have put out an order from the president. There’s no question about that… What I’m asking is, “Show us the order!” Mr. President if you said use everything available and our military immediately sent out the order, simply show us the order. I have great reservations that there is no such order.“

Barack Obama continues to dodge questions. If it took years for Obama to come up with a birth certificate, I can imagine how long it would take to produce a valid Presidential order.

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    One Response to “Benghazigate Continues: Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West Repeats … “There Was NO Presidential Order to Secure Benghazi Consulate”

    1. rightknight on October 29th, 2012 12:11 am

      Wait ’til after the election, it won’t really
      matter much then if Barry gets the nod.
      In fact everything is scheduled to occur
      AFTER the election, that’s the point!

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