Meatloaf Endorses Mitt Romney … “Mitt Romney has got the backbone”


What did it take for the legendary singer Meatloaf to make his first ever political endorsement? The answer, the thought of of a second Barack Obama presidential term of course. Meatloaf endorses Mitt Romney.

Meatloaf endorses Romney … He took “the words right out of my mouth”

Forget swing state newspapers and major politicians, Mitt Romney tonight received a premium endorsement that nobody was expecting when rock legend Meat Loaf took the stage here and threw his support behind the Republican presidential nominee.

“I have never been in any political agenda in my life, but I think that in 2012 this is the most important election in the history of the United States,” Meat Loaf said in a black silk shirt with sparkly buttons down the front and sequined designs on the sleeves. “Storm clouds [have] come over the United States. There is thunderstorms over Europe. There are hail storms, and I mean major hail storms, in the Middle East.

“Mitt Romney has got the backbone,” he said. “Go out and vote. Let me tell you what: I know there’s one thing that you’ve been taught your whole life, is that you never argue politics or religion with your friends. But 2012 is completely different.

“There are storms brewing through China, through Asia, through everywhere,” Meat Loaf said. “And there’s only one man that on the other night, when President Barack Obama, God bless him, said to Mitt Romney, ‘The Cold War is over’ – I have never heard such a thing in my life.”

How big is this election in 2012? Individuals from everywhere are coming out of the celebrity closet in support of Mitt Romney as they cannot fathom another Obama term.

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    One Response to “Meatloaf Endorses Mitt Romney … “Mitt Romney has got the backbone””

    1. Carpe on October 26th, 2012 8:49 pm

      Great artist! I have absolutely nothing against Meatloaf… um… but he’s a dinosaur.

      Is it really that hard to find someone youthful and sexy pro the Republican candidate?

      I’m also tired of seeing Granma Madge twirlin’ her Depends up on stage, too. She’s like 100! …and has developed arms like Tom Petty. Her “Virtue”
      has got dust bunnies on it.

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