When Libs Attack … Liberals, Progressives, Democrats & MSM Bash Obama for Poor Performance



The Far LEFT has invested so much time, money and energy in Barack Obama, the most liberal President that the United States has ever seen. However, last night following a dreadful, pathetic, lethargic and uninspired Presidential debate performance in Denver … the LIBS lost their collective minds and were LIVID with Barack Obama. However, what the LEFT does not comprehend, is Obama cannot defend his failed record. His political rhetoric may play well with his far Left base, but that is about it. Sound bytes and cute jokes are not looked to kindly buy those who have lost their jobs, homes and businesses.

How bad was it for Obama Wednesday night? Even some of his biggest fans were livid that he let Mitt Romney walk away with a win, and they were not suffering in silence.

Within an hour of the debate ending, liberals and longtime Democratic operatives and pundits took to the airwaves and Twitter to lament the lost opportunity that was the first presidential debate.

Some of the highlights from the losing side:


  • Commentator and blogger Andrew Sullivan might have captured the collective reaction best with this tweet, “Look, you know how much I love the guy, and how much of a high-info viewer I am, but this was a disaster for Obama.”
  • On MSNBC, talk show host Chris Matthews asked incredulously, “Where was Obama tonight?” He suggested that the president take some cues from the liberal voices on the cable channel. “There’s a hot debate going on in this country.
  • Comedian Bill Maher, who takes regular hard jabs at conservatives on his television show and who gave $1 million to a super PAC supporting Obama’s reelection, tweeted, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter”
  • Even some of the Democratic party’s best spin-meisters threw in the towel on this one. Jim Manley, a former longtime aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, tweeted, “What can I say? Romney lives to fight another day.”

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    3 Responses to “When Libs Attack … Liberals, Progressives, Democrats & MSM Bash Obama for Poor Performance”

    1. dennisintn on October 4th, 2012 4:16 pm

      they eat their own. would anyone expect them to do anything else??

    2. katablog.com on October 4th, 2012 5:40 pm

      It was laugh out loud time

    3. brie on October 4th, 2012 6:13 pm

      Obama won’t take the responsibility for losing the debate he’ll blame it on Romney and say he was dishonest. Which is another one of his lies.

      Change his clothes, put a turban on his head and he’ll look like a protesting Muslim in Syria.

      That and his threatening right index finger always pointing at you.

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