After Woeful Obama Debate Performance, Stumbling Obama Surrogate MD Gov. Martin O’Malley Refereed to ‘President Romney’


Not only was President Barack Obama out of sorts, off his game and confused as Obama found it impossible to defend his economic record without the aid of a prepared speech, a teleprompter and a complicit in the tank MSM … Obama’s surrogates were befuddled as well. It was so bad that the shellacking of Obama, his political minions referred to Romney as President Romney.

How resounding was Mitt Romney’s rout of Barack Obama tonight?  In the post-debate spin room, a hopelessly muddled Martin O’Malley, Dem guv from Maryland and supposedly an Obama surrogate, wound up referring to “President Romney”! Freudian slip, anyone?

Transcript from NewsBusters:

MARTIN O’MALLEY: So, I don’t think there was a game-changer tonight.  The president did handle himself with a much more dignified reserve [translation: listless]. When President, uh, Governor Romney was tested he got kind of testy. And I thought the president maintained his cool throughout [no pulse!]

LARRY O’DONNELL: What about the president’s cool and the president’s “dignified reserve”, as you put it. Do you think he’s going to have to change that style going forward in these debates?

O’MALLEY: I, uh, I don’t believe so.

O’DONNELL: If you could coach him on the next debate. If you could do ten minutes of coaching with the president on the next debate, based on what you saw tonight, what would you tell him to do differently?

O’MALLEY: Uh, I don’t know.

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    2 Responses to “After Woeful Obama Debate Performance, Stumbling Obama Surrogate MD Gov. Martin O’Malley Refereed to ‘President Romney’”

    1. flutter1 on October 4th, 2012 10:41 am

      LOL, when even Chris Matthews has lost the “tingle,” you know it was a bad night for BO.

    2. barbreee on October 4th, 2012 11:01 pm

      So many trying to damn Romney with faint praise. I will be belly to the bar for the next debate. Shoot, my husband even watched it.

      There is a brilliant commercial for the KFC small sandwich. “think small”. I have a dream. The government shrinks into manageable bites.

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