Mitt Romney Slams Obama For Saying He Can’t Change Washington From Inside … So Much for Change You Can Believe In


Romney says Obama has thrown in the white flag of surrender again …

On the campaign trail Mitt Romney slammed President Barack Obama’s comments that he could not change Washington from the inside. Romney had a fantastic response to Obama’s weak “I can’t change Washington” comment. Romney vowed to give Obama that chance to making change from the outside with a presidential election win in November 2012. It is time for a new President when Obama waives the white flag of change surrender. Obama has gone from the candidate of change and “YES I CAN” to “NO I CAN’T”. Barack Obama promised change and now he is the one who cannot get change even though he had a Democrat House and Senate for the first two years of his presidency.

Mitt Romney says he will make changes from the inside, he will bring Republicans and Democrats together and restore the American economy. Maybe Obama should have spent more time governing and leading, reaching across the aisle as he promised, and not campaigning, golfing, vacationing and causing a greater divide. Just a thought.

Hot Air has more on Obama’s failure to be able to influence Washington as the Leader of the Free World. Um, wasn’t this the rason why he was elected in the first place?

Okay, hold the phone — the President of the United States is powerless to influence Washington’s inner workings? I thought that was supposed to be the entire point of America electing him?

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