How Naive Does Obama’s 2007 Words Look Now in Retrospect? … The Day I’m Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease … “the World Will Look at America Differently”


Maybe Samuel L. Jackson was partially correct ... AMERICA, ITS TIME TO WAKE THE F@CK UP. The voting for Obama part, not so much. Ask yourself America, do you think the hostilities have eased since Obama became President? How that Radical Muslin “Hopey-Changey” stuff working u for you?

On New Hampshire Public Radio on November 27, 2007 , Barack Hussein Obama stated that he was uniquely qualified to bring stability to America’s relationships in the Muslim world because he lived in an Islamic country during his youth and his half-sister is Muslim. Wow, Obama actually believed that the relationship between the Middle East and America was going to change because he was Barack “Hussein” Obama. Really?  Sadly, an asleep at the wheel America bought this BS and elected him in 2008. Even more pathetic is Obama may actually believe his own BS.

click on pic for audio of Obama’s comments

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So what do you think now America? The Arab Street hates America just as much as they ever have and the Middle East is on fire. Once again Obama has failed, this time on foreign policy. It pretty much shows just how naive and Pollyannaish Barack Obama really is and was. Obama stated that on the day he is inaugurated Muslim hostility will ease. Once again we might ask, America, is the Muslin hostility better off today than it was four years ago? Picture from the AP of Protesters torch an effigy of Barack Obama in Afghanistan.

Yup, things look so much better under Barack Obama and his inner knowledge of being a Muslim.

Ambassador Stevens be dragged thru the streets after his death (Al Ahram)

Obama’s arrogance is amazing, the world will look at America differently because of him. UNREAL.

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    4 Responses to “How Naive Does Obama’s 2007 Words Look Now in Retrospect? … The Day I’m Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease … “the World Will Look at America Differently””

    1. Tamikosmom on September 16th, 2012 10:57 am

      Barack Obama is not naive. Far from it.

      Considering Barack Obama as current President of the United States was unable to prevent/stop the happenings throughout the Muslim world in the past week … could his plan be … if given the opportunity by the electorate … to appease the enemy by declaring illegal ALL undermining of Islam.

      Could it be that ALL mediums of free speech focused on exposing the takeover agenda of Islam through infiltration of democratic administrations of the free world will be banned/silenced. In other words … without opposition … Islam will emerge the victor.

      Egyptian President Mohamed Mosi has spoken. Will Barack Obama bow?
      Anti-Islam Film: Prophet is untouchable red line, Morsi
      13 September, 15:39

      CAIRO – The Prophet ‘is a red line nobody can touch’, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was quoted as saying by Egypt’s Mena news agency comments on protests across Egypt and Libya and a film on the Prophet slammed as blasphemous. The Prophet ‘is a red line for all Muslims and we refuse any attack’, said the president. ”We will sacrifice with our soul and heart” Morsi also said, citing a Muslim profession of faith. The Egyptian president, who had a phone conversation with US President Barack Obama before talks with European leaders and then a trip to Rome this afternoon, stressed his condemnation of ‘all attempts to attack the Profet and the sacred principles of Islam’.
      SM: Naive from the stand point that he thought just because he spent time in Muslim countries as a child, because he has a Muslim middle name and his step-sister was Muslim, that made him uniquely qualified to change how the Arab street thought of America. Maybe I should have included arrogant?

      That is like me saying that because I ate ice cream as a child, that makes me uniquely qualified to run Dairy Queen,

    2. RK on September 16th, 2012 12:44 pm

      If I can make just one point; your headline “The Day I’m Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease” is a complete falsehood.

      Why do some think it is OK to just make stuff UP????

      Could this related to the “big lie” concept somehow?
      SM: No lie, that is exactly what this arrogant narcissist was saying. Because he is Barack Obama, the world (Muslim) would will look at America differently because he lived in a Muslim country as a child and has a step-sister that is Muslim. The initial question ask of this clown was how is will America be looked at differently.

      So it looks like YOU LIE. Go back to DU and get your Talking Points.

    3. RK on September 16th, 2012 2:09 pm

      How can anyone misunderstand the quoted phrase? Don’t you know what you’ve written about?

      It is a quotation in first-person form (I’m), so it was something that had to have been spoken by the person who it is referring to; namely Obama.

      However, it is totally false that Obama said those words once you listen to the linked audio from that bastion of truth and honesty:

      So, for you to now state: “No lie, that is exactly what this arrogant narcissist was saying” is even more untrue that the headline itself, because Obama never said those words.

      EXACTLY ???? – Hardly!!!!

      So I repeat; Why do some think it is OK to just make stuff UP????

      Your claim that I lie adds another lie here, but is inline with the lack of truth regarding this article.
      SM: Dont make any things up fool, take your feet off the coffee table or get out of the house. Its exactly what he said and meant … he would be the better candidate for Presidency because all would change once he was elected because he was Barack Obama, who had an in with Muslims. That’s exactly what he was saying and only a Kool-Aid drinker like yourself would argue the opposite.

      BTW, you call me a liar one more time and you are gone. You have more than wore out your welcome here. You either have some manner or you will be taught some. And i don’t want to hear your BS apology of it will never happen again. Your troll BS is no longer appreciated or wanted. Its up to you.

      Go back to DU and think about it.

    4. RK on September 17th, 2012 2:52 pm

      RE (picture caption): “Ambassador Stevens be dragged thru the streets after his death”

      How do we know this is the actual context of this photo? Are there other possibilities for what this photo could represent?

      Perhaps this is the photo of Stevens being taken to the hospital for emergency care. Or something else.

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