83 Year Old Leftist Protester Mary Hoglund Spits in the Face of Romney Supporter at Wisconsin Event


Oh the tolerant Left …

An 83 year old Leftist protester,  Mary Hoglund, showed her respect of others and their 1st Amendment rights by interrupting a political event in Grand Chute, WI and spitting in the face of a Romney supporter. It would appear that not even the Leftist elderly are exempt from being unhinged moonbats.

A bus tour event on behalf of Mitt Romney turned ugly Friday afternoon when a protester interrupted a rally and spit in a supporter’s face.

The event featured Wisconsin state Sen. Alberta Darling and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

During Darling’s remarks, the protester, Mary Hoglund, 83, of Appleton, interrupted the event to ask about Republican opposition to Planned Parenthood.

A local Romney supporter began arguing with Hoglund, who then spit in her face. Hoglund was escorted out, and received medical attention for a scratch she received on her neck.

Once again we will reiterate … Oh the tolerant LEFT!

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    5 Responses to “83 Year Old Leftist Protester Mary Hoglund Spits in the Face of Romney Supporter at Wisconsin Event”

    1. Bob Carson on August 18th, 2012 11:46 am

      It is out there that 83-year-old Mary Hoglund is an active OWS angry little pig. It’s very scary when she starts manhandling law enforcement officers. Be easy on her though. She’s had an awful lot of years for that genetic imbalance common to libs to erat into her brain.

    2. Declan on August 18th, 2012 3:01 pm
    3. rightknight on August 18th, 2012 4:34 pm

      ‘Protest’ in the hands of Progressives
      is no longer just free speech and assembly.
      Now they expect to be allowed to spit, punch,
      destroy property, excrete in public, rape, shoot,
      cut, break, and more under the name of the
      First Amendment (which will no longer exist if
      their Radical Socialist Movement is successful).

    4. RK on August 18th, 2012 6:40 pm

      This is disturbing on a number of levels. First, calling Mary a protester because she asks a question seems a stretch. I also think calling her an unhinged moonbat is undeserved.

      As to the heart of this; I wanted to do my best to understand what happened, so I viewed the video carefully, and made these general and chronological observations:

      1) The clip is very short; we are unable to tell or know the manner in which this gathering was being conducted.
      2) There may or may not have been prior questions or comments from the audience.
      3) The exact remarks from Darling are very soft, and are difficult to make them out.
      4) They are also very short; we have no idea what was said before the video clip began.
      5) As Mary interrupts Darling, and is (rather softly) asking her question, the audience also begins talking en mass, and it again is hard to hear Darling.
      6) Several audience members put their hands on Mary, a matter of invasion of her space.
      7) The elder lady to Mary’s left gets rather agitated, and acts assertive, as though she is in charge.
      8) She turns her back on Darling, and seems to be trying to take control of the interruption.
      9) She continues talking and gets closer to Mary’s face, ending up within a few inches.
      10) Her attempts to control Mary deteriorate into sharp demands to “zip it” repeated multiple times.
      11) She reaches her left hand to Mary’s right hand, and looks to be grasping it.
      12) As her face reaches it’s closest to Mary’s (again within just a few inches), Mary asks her to get out of her face.
      13) Mary spits at the lady.
      14) The lady reaches for Mary’s head or neck, appearing to grab the neck.
      15) The lady appears to hit Mary in the ear.
      16) The lady takes a swing at Mary’s skull; unclear if a strike occurs.
      17) Mary begins moving to the front, and is escorted out of the room.

      Now, I view the spitting as a rude, impersonal, and uncalled for act. It is clear from my observations that there was an aspect of provocation and aggressive impersonal actions towards Mary from the audience. Nothing can absolve Mary of spitting, but seeing it in context lead me to see this as reaction to the crowd actions.

      I’m just as disgusted about the elder lady and her inappropriate actions towards Mary. Had she minded her own business, I doubt the situation would have escalated as it did.

      Just my $.02 worth.
      SM: With all due respect, go pound sand. Trust me, if I was at an event and someone spit at me, they would most likely have no teeth left.

      As the Kenny Rogers sane in the Gambler:”you have to know when to hold em and know when to fold em, know when to walk away and know when to run.” That is my advice to you. Quit being a troll and defending the indefensible. You make a 17 point defense and then say, “spitting as a rude, impersonal, and uncalled for act.” if that is the case then it can’t be provoked. Nice liberal circular logic.

      Please don’t argue this it makes you look foolish. Next you will be defending the Leftist lunatic who wanted to shoot up the Family Research Council as being provoked.

    5. RK on August 18th, 2012 7:30 pm

      I suppose Mary spat at the women because of her hair color? Shoe size? The spitting was a reaction, even though not justified. Anyone denying it was not triggered somehow is denying the truth of the video.

      I don’t apologize for the spitting; I’m not defending anyone. But I don’t ignore the actions of others who were a part of what happened. I would be an idiot to think the spitting happened for no reason.

      I accept your stated reaction were you in such a situation. I also think you’d be in jail for that reaction, whether justified or not. If you think otherwise, your experience is unknown to me.

      I may not think like you, but I’m not a fool. The opposite is also true, that you’re not a fool just because you may not think like me. Different is OK!
      SM; It is not a matter of thinking differently. I do not look to make excuses for people’s bad behavior. You seem to when they happen to be hateful, bed-wetting libs. I hardly think you would be using the same deductive reasoning and defense if the person who was a conservative. Then again, they have manners so that would most likely not happen.

      And yes, if some one spit in my face ,,, they would lose their teeth.

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