New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to Deliver Key Note Speech at Republican National Convention … Senator Marco Rubio (FL-R) to Introduce Mitt Romney


Sarah Palin may not be speaking at this years Republican National Convention, but don’t miss the sure fire, energetic, engaging and never dull stylings of Chris Christie.  The NJ Gov. is never at a loss for words, this should be truly inspiring and entertaining.

That is correct, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be providing the Keynote speech at the Republican National Convention. This is a fantastic choice as he is sure to bring down the house. Chris Christie is never at a loss for words and is known for saying exactly what he thinks. A quite refreshing manner as compared to the PC and focus group approved talk that has become common place for politicians today. Look for Christie to bring the crowds at the GOP National Convention to their feet and jazz the even to new highs. This is going to be must see TV. Christie stated, he “ill cite his experience as New Jersey governor in demonstrating that “the American people are ready to confront those problems head-on and endure some sacrifice.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will deliver the keynote address that launches the Republican National Convention in two weeks, telling USA TODAY he plans to make an “emphatic” argument on behalf of GOP approaches and shared sacrifice to face the nation’s biggest challenges.

In an interview Monday, Christie said his 20-minute speech will focus more on making the case for electing Mitt Romney than the one against re-electing President Obama. And he promises the words will be his own: He’s already on the fourth draft of the speech, “grinding away on it” over the past few days since Romney asked him to fill the high-profile role.

Florida US Senator Marco Rubio will be the individual tapped to introduce Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention.

In a showcase role on his party’s biggest stage, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will introduce Mitt Romney for his speech to accept the nomination for president on the last night of the Republican National Convention.

It is an introduction aimed at giving Romney a boost from a rising star in a must-win state, but it will almost certainly further enhance Rubio’s standing, too.

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