The ‘Lying King’ President Obama Takes Break from Smearing Mitt Romney to Play 101st Round of Golf


Because smearing your opponent is hard work …

For the first time since June 25 Barack Obama, the “Misleader” in Chief has hit the links to play golf. Say it isn’t so, Obama has not been swinging the sticks as he has been too busy smearing  his opponent, fabricating the truth and misleading the American public. Smearing Mitt Romney is hard work for Barack Obama. America has finally found an issue that prevents Obama from playing golf. Was it the economy, no. Was it the 40+ consecutive months of unemployment over 8%, no. Was it the record number of Americans on food stamps, the record federal debt, the poor jobs growth numbers, the failed stimulus or failed “green” energy government investments … no. The only thing that has put a damper on Obama’s golf is smearing Mitt Romney, while avoiding the topic of his handling the economy during his first term and his own outsourcing issues.

After a week spent campaigning in Iowa and Virginia, President Obama took a break from the trail by hitting the links.

Obama headed to Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia on Sunday for a round of golf.  He was accompanied by White House personal aide Marvin Nicholson, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and senior adviser David Plouffe, according to a pool report.

Obama last hit the links on June 25, his 101st round of golf since being sworn in.

After all, when you cannot campaign on the positives of what your administration has done it its first term in office, smear, smear, smear.

UPDATE I: Thanks to the Lonely Conservative for the link.

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