Casey Anthony Defense Attorney Jose Baez Shills his Book “Presumed Guilty” and Profits off Death of Caylee Anthony … “His book has the tone of a sore winner” … Makes Derogatory About Jeff Ashton, Roy Kronk, Yuri Melich, Dr. G and Mark NeJame


Its been about one year since the verdict heard round the USA where Casey Anthony was found “not guilty as sin” .The most hated person in America, Casey Anthony walked Scott-free with many who followed the case closely just scratching their head is disbelief. What is rather interesting is that Jose Baez looks to be cashing in on his “victory lap” book; however, Casey Anthony remains in hiding.

One year later and former Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez is shilling his new book “Presumed Guilty”. I am sorry if there is a part of me who feels like they need to take a shower. The defense attorney of a woman who was found “not guilty” much in the way OJ Simpson was found criminally not guilty has written a book to profit off the death of little Caylee Anthony. This is repugnant. Do we really care what Baez thinks or what he did to get Casey off in his writings? No, the visuals of the case on TV and how everything went down during the trial is a more instructive tool for prosecutors in the future.

Hey Jose, do you remember who this is?

As stated at the Orlando Sentinel, “His book has the tone of a sore winner” and at many times comes across as being a whiner than a winner. Well if the shoe fits? There is something unseemly about taking a victory lap and condemning your opponents with sophomoric comments when in the end this was about the death of a child, Caylee Anthony. I wonder what Mark NeJame, Jeff Ashton and other feels about Baez’s foolish remarks?

Presumed Guilty,” his look back at the Casey Anthony case. The book becomes tiresome, but there’s a fascinating clash between Baez’s idealistic take on the law and his gossipy, withering assessment of people in the case.

Baez recalls that Anthony’s defense team dismissed prosecutor Jeff Ashton as “Rat Hands” and “Tourette’s Boy.” Meter reader Roy Kronk, who found Caylee’s remains, was a “fabulist.” Detective Yuri Melich “never caught any flak for sloppy police work.”

Judge Stan Strickland had “clear prejudice against Casey.” Dr. Jan Garavaglia, the chief medical examiner, was “over the top” and ”very indignant, very abrasive” on the stand. Baez, who is short, writes that Orlando attorney Mark NeJame ”hated me” and “stood about five foot two in heels.”

Jose Baez was interviewed by FOX News, Greta van Susteren as Baez went ‘On the Record’. When questioned by Van Susteren on the most obvious questions that reeked to the high Heavens during the trial, Baez could come up with no answers. Anyone can find excuses for the lies, especially when one looks the other way and its not their job to do so.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Your job is not to decide guilt or innocence. Your job is to effectively represent a client. But I’m curious, did you — did you — I didn’t believe her. And I didn’t believe the story that she had nothing to do with it. Did you believe her?

JOSE BAEZ, DEFENSE ATTORNEY FOR CASEY ANTHONY: Are you referring to early on, or eventually…

VAN SUSTEREN: No, no. I mean, whether — whether she’s — whether she was, you know, directly responsible for the death of her child. I never believed it, you know, the denials.

BAEZ: Well, you know, when she told me what happened, because of the prior lies, I wasn’t so quick to jump on board. So what I made the determination at that point in time is, Look, I’m dealing or right now I have got the client of the boy who cried wolf. And I’ve got to — if I’m going to either put her on the stand or go in this direction as — for her defense, I’m going to have to corroborate it. And I literally made the decision, this is a situation where if I can’t corroborate what she’s saying, it’s useless to me, because it won’t stand up against cross- examination.

So you don’t get into that — you know, I still had that defense lawyer hat on, and I’ve always had it on, so you don’t get into that situation where you’re believing or not believing. It doesn’t matter what I can believe. It only matters what I can prove.

So when she told me what happened on June 16th, I went back all the way to the very beginning. And I said, OK, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to try to disprove what she’s telling me. If I can do that, I’m going to have to have another talk with her and we’ll have to get a little bit closer to where we are with the truth.

And what I was noticing is I couldn’t disprove it. I couldn’t disprove what she was telling me happened on June 16th. And in fact, the things that she was telling me I was actually proving. For example, when I went back and read Cindy’s statement that on June 16 she came home and found the ladder of the pool up. And then on the 17th she went to work and told her co-workers about it. Statements I would read like George Anthony saying that Caylee would wake up at 7:00 in the morning and say “Jo Jo swim.” And then looking back, we did a timeline of every single day she was in the pool over the summer, and turned out she was in the pool every single day. (read the full transcript HERE)

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    7 Responses to “Casey Anthony Defense Attorney Jose Baez Shills his Book “Presumed Guilty” and Profits off Death of Caylee Anthony … “His book has the tone of a sore winner” … Makes Derogatory About Jeff Ashton, Roy Kronk, Yuri Melich, Dr. G and Mark NeJame”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on July 6th, 2012 10:50 am

      If the child actually drowned, why the elaborate tale that was enacted. Why not just call for help from the fire department or medical services?

      This is more Baez spin. He didn’t care for the truth, he was trying to build a reputation.

    2. Carpe on July 7th, 2012 1:22 am

      There was an old fool named George

      Who enjoyed fondling young daughters on the porch

      One hazy night

      Cindy flicked on the light

      Lit up his manhood with a blow torch.

      George has 2 daughters. One was found dead in a bag at the end of a very lonely street. The other – probably will be found searching through discarded bags for a meal, one day.
      It will also be at the end of a very lonely street.

      The Anthony family of ghouls – A very lonely dead end street. People who don’t want help – sleepwalk to their deaths willingly.

      People see it. A majority of thinkers understand it. Still, when it happens, I guarantee you there will be a few confused souls who say “What has happened here? I never would have expected it. I always spoke to George while doing the grass. He once borrowed my garden weasel and returned it in great condition. HE HAS TO BE A NICE GUY. Guys who promptly return tools could never boink their own daughters, could they?” Yes. He’s a skeeve and a scammmer – he knows how to play the game.
      Fact is: most skeeves don’t have three eyeballs and hair growing out of their ears. They look and act just like nice neighbor George. The skeeviness only pops out when illuminated by a full moon. Bark at it, George!

    3. NG Boston on July 7th, 2012 8:35 am

      I do not think that Caylee was George’s Daughter or that he molested Casey.

      Have always believed that while Casey was on the internet surfing for her next BF, that Caylee did walk outside and drown in the pool.

      What has never made sense is, how then, did poor little Caylee end up 5 blocks away in the Woods?

      Casey Anthony had to have been involved in putting her there along with George.

      George is a liar, so isn’t Cindy and most certainly they created the Monster who wound up being Casey.

      Caylee deserved better. As far as Baez the Clown goes, I doubt he is going to sell many books.

      It is repugnant that anyone involved in that Case, with the exception of Jeff Ashton and Company would have any additional information or anything worth saying.

      Casey Anthony can rot in hell as the most hated person in America. All she had to do was call 911, and admit to her part in her Daughter’s Death. Instead, she and her sick, twisted family lead everyone on a wild goose chase, and lied incessantly to Authorities.

      RIP Sweet Little Caylee. I am convinced, you are in a better place now that forced to live with that family of Nut Jobs.

    4. CNelson on July 7th, 2012 3:30 pm

      Did you follow the case? Did you read the book? amazon welcomes honest reviews of the book.

    5. Klaasend on July 7th, 2012 4:04 pm

      CNelson – nobody has followed the case more than those of us here at Scared Monkeys, especially in the forum. We all know what a travesty of justice the trial was.

      That said, Baez is a joke. I am boycotting all things Baez and all things Anthony. Why on earth would I even consider buying his filthy book?

    6. Scared Monkeys on July 7th, 2012 6:28 pm

      LOL … Klaas you took the words right out of my mouth,


    7. Melanie Beard on August 9th, 2012 10:28 pm

      Happy Birthday in Heaven, Caylee. We have not forgotten you.

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