SACRIFICE: Campaigning More Important than Leadership as President, Barack Obama Will Skip Summer Vacation at Martha’s Vineyard


VACATIONER IN CHIEF FINALLY GIVES UP A VACATION FOR REELECTION … Finally Barack Obama shows some sacrifice, the Obama’s will skip their summer vacation at Martha’s Vineyard this year.

For the first time in three years, President Barack Obama and the first family will skip their annual summer vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.  However, Obama’s absence from the ‘Life Styles of the Rich and Famous’ of Marth’a Vineyard has nothing to do with the US unemployment rate is at 8.2%, 17.4% underemployment rate, record number of Americans on food stamps, pathetic job growth, increased number of discourage workers, record US debt, his failed $787 billion stimulus, or the Biden declared depression.

Reelection is more important that Leadership

The only reason why Obama will not be going to Martha’s Vineyard is because this is an election year. That is correct America, for the past three years Obama has stated that others need to sacrifice while he jetted off to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation. As millions of Americans could not afford to take a vacation thanks to the terrible economic policies and agenda of the President, Obama cared less. Instead of leading by example, in 2011 Obama and the first family went to the Vineyard in 2011 on separate plane. What’s the matter,  does Obama actually now care about the visual of him on vacation eating ice cream and biking as Americas continue to suffer?

It would appear Obama does not want this kind of pic to be in a 2012 election ad … who’s outta touch?

Last summer, Obama was criticized for vacationing at a time when Republicans said he should have been concentrating on the economy. With the election only four months away, any time spent bicycling or golfing on Martha’s Vineyard will be time the president can spend making a case for reelection.

Previously in 2010 as Americans suffered without jobs and faced home foreclosures, Barack Obama made Martha’s Vineyard his 6th vacation of the year. And in 2009, it did not take Obama long to show that “Hope and Change” by rushing off to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation to show everyone just how much of a different kind of President he was as America was in the midst of a recession.

Face it America, when Barack Obama had a chance to show leadership and compassion for the American people by scaling back his vacations, he id not. But when faced with a tough reelection and something that is all about him, Obama opts out of the vacation to concentrate on him. What a guy.

America is this what you really want another four years of?

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    3 Responses to “SACRIFICE: Campaigning More Important than Leadership as President, Barack Obama Will Skip Summer Vacation at Martha’s Vineyard”

    1. rightknight on July 4th, 2012 10:29 am

      Give the guy a little credit for
      knowing how to have a good
      time on OPM (other people’s

    2. Super dave on July 4th, 2012 12:32 pm

      At least he knows the best flavor of ice cream.

    3. A Texas Grandfather on July 4th, 2012 1:24 pm

      Trying to save his job. Campaigning is all he can do. He thinks that is leadership.

      We need a real leader in the job of POTUS, not this worthless lier and socialist

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