Incredible … Obama Admin Disability Regulations Call to Limit Slope Of Miniature Golf Holes & Require Businesses To Admit Mini Horses As Guide Animals


And you wonder why many small businesses fail under Obama?

The over-regulation by government is out of control. At some point one has to just say STOP! Regulation of the slope of miniature golf courses and allowing businesses to admit miniature horses on their premises as guide animals for the disabled. WHAT? This is insane. I am sorry, we are all for the disabled to be allowed to have access to as many things as possible, but at some point it just because a costly joke. At amusement parks there are height requirements for rides, yet some how there now has to be wheelchair accessible rides. If you ever wondered why there is no job recovery one needs to look no further than these ridiculous regulations that are nothing more than job killers.

So Obama will not cooperate with Arizona in to deal with illegal immigration, but by God they will go after the owner of a miniature golf coarse who breaks the law.

I think your slope does not meet regs …

Although the Justice Department has extended the deadline for America’s hotels to comply with regulations regarding handicap access to swimming pools, new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines are already being applied at miniature golf courses, driving ranges, amusement parks, shooting ranges and saunas.

Among the provisions in the “Revised ADA Standards for Accessible Design,” which went into effect on March 15, is one requiring businesses to allow miniature horses on their premises as guide animals for the disabled. Another limits the height of slopes on miniature golf holes.

“The new standards, for the first time, include requirements for judicial facilities, detention and correctional facilities, and recreational facilities,” Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez said during a conference in Baltimore on June 7.

UNBELIEVABLE … What is going to happen when some is destroyed or damaged? Is it any wonder why anyone would want to open a business in this country when they are assaulted every day by an out of control government.

“Similar to dogs, miniature horses can be trained through behavioral reinforcement to be ‘housebroken,’” it adds.

However, “Ponies and full-size horses are not covered.”

A business owner can deny admission to a miniature horse that is not housebroken, whose handler does not have sufficient control of the animal, or if the horse’s presence compromises “legitimate safety requirements.”

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    4 Responses to “Incredible … Obama Admin Disability Regulations Call to Limit Slope Of Miniature Golf Holes & Require Businesses To Admit Mini Horses As Guide Animals”

    1. flippy on June 28th, 2012 8:01 am

      Another limits the height of slopes on miniature golf holes.
      I don’t think that it limits the slopes…not really. The guidelines that I read are about accessible pathways between holes. The slopes themselves can do whatever they do; though it might prove a design challenge to design steep slopes without stairs.

      I agree about the horse thing…unless there is some reason why a disabled person would need a mini-horse instead of a dog (or monkey or whatever), seems like an option lawsuit-baiters. That said, the horses used for this are less than 3 feet tall.

    2. mc on June 28th, 2012 12:44 pm

      Miniature horses are an option for Muslims who believe that all dogs, and this includes guide and service dogs, are “unclean”.

      Considering how the current administrations panders to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, this is no surprise to me.

      Seriously, guide horses? These animals are supposed to be as smart as dogs? This is like one big clustersuck just waiting to happen.

    3. flippy on June 28th, 2012 5:27 pm

      #2 –
      I am not Muslim, but I think that a service dog would be a religious exception. They officially make exceptions of hunting and guard dogs; so certainly a service dog should be religiously fine. I say “should” because you could never please everyone.

      I did a little searching, and the best justification I can find for Horse over Dog is that the Horse lives much longer.

    4. mc on June 28th, 2012 8:12 pm

      Muslim Taxi Drivers vs. Seeing-Eye Dogs

      Muslim lore has it that dogs are impure, so pious Muslims often try to avoid the animals. In most circumstances, this does not present a problem in the West, but it can when seeing-eye dogs are involved, for they have legal rights of entry. Interestingly, the Council on American-Islamic Relations often rushes to the defense of Muslims behaving illegally.

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