Barack Obama Finally Has Found New Voting Block … Americans Favor Obama to Defend Against Space Aliens


WOW, just how far down the totem pole is defending America against space aliens on the radar of American voters?

As reported at Yahoo News, 65% of Americans prefer Barack Obama to defend Americans against space aliens. Really folks, because Obama is doing such a good job defending America against illegal aliens? Many individuals think that Obama policies are from another planet so why wouldn’t those who believe in space aliens also side with Obama on this hot button topic. Maybe Obama can use this in his reelection stump speech and avoid discussing the economy and jobs.

Nearly two in three Americans think President Barack Obama is better suited than Republican rival Mitt Romney to deal with an alien invasion, according to a survey released Wednesday.

National Geographic Channel contacted 1,114 adults across the United States last month for its fanciful opinion poll ahead of its new cable television documentary series “Chasing UFOs.”

Thirty-six percent of respondents said they were certain that unidentified flying objects exist. Eleven percent were confident they had spotted a UFO, and 20 percent said they knew someone who claimed to have seen one.

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