Barack Obama’s VP Joe Biden Tells US Mayors the ‘Great’ Cities Are in China, Not America


WOW, the following is brought to you by the Barack Obama administration via VP Joe Biden. Vice President Biden tells US mayors that the great cities are not in America, they are in China. Really?

Can someone please tell me who elected these people into office and why anyone would vote for Obama/Biden in 2012?

Hat Tip: TWS

“If I blindfolded Americans and took them into some of the airports or ports in China, and then took one of them to any of your cities in the middle of the night just so that they could see it,” Biden said. “If I said, ‘which one is in America and which one is in China,’ most Americans would say, ‘That great one is in America. It’s not!”

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    2 Responses to “Barack Obama’s VP Joe Biden Tells US Mayors the ‘Great’ Cities Are in China, Not America”

    1. NGBoston on June 17th, 2012 1:36 pm

      Hey, Joe—it’s really time for you to lay off the Bottle.

      The Dude must be sh*tfaced every day to be coming out with statements like these.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on June 18th, 2012 12:27 pm

      We have to remember that this the lesser of the two “dumb & dumber”.

      He has been allowed to see only the fine parts of some of the Chinese cities.

      He also must be told that the reason a lot of our cities in this country are in the condition of falling apart is because the Democrats have been in charge of the local government.

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