Barack Obama … Carolina in His Mind … Many Things Have Changed in North Carolina Since 2008


President Barack Obama and his reelect minions have “Carolina in their minds” and it is not a good thing. That’s North Carolina on his mind as Obama could never win in South Carolina. The Obama campaign has been looking for a 2012 campaign slogan to replace, “Yes we Can”, because they obviously can’t and “Hope & Change” as all Americans hope for these days is some change left in their pockets. As seen in what is transpiring in states like Virginia, Florida and North Carolina, their slogan should be, “This Ain’t 2008 Anymore”. In 2008 Obama beat McCain in the Tar Heel state; however, he would be hard pressed to do that again and pick up those electoral votes.

North Carolina represented the high water mark for the great Obama wave in 2008 — but he’s swimming against the tide there in 2012.

No state better illustrates the challenge Obama faces in trying to consolidate the historic gains of his 2008 campaign at a time when hope, change and optimism have been supplanted by anger, skepticism and disillusionment.

It’s not merely that fewer than 45 percent of state voters approve of the job performance of the president who’s set to land there Tuesday, or that the state’s unemployment rate is pushing double digits. Or that both houses of the state legislature flipped from blue to red in 2010.

We have stated for quite some time that it is a near impossibility for Barack Obama to catch lightening in a bottle as he did in 2008. That was then, this is now. What is Obama’s greatest issue to rally the troops … um, maybe his record as President for the past 3+ years, over 8% continued unemployment, out of control spending, record number of Americans on food stamps, record number of Americans on federal disability, escalating gas prices and Obama himself … the $5 trillion man. Oh yea, and Obamacare.

Honestly, as James Taylor sings … the only way Obama will win Carolina is “in his mind”.

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    One Response to “Barack Obama … Carolina in His Mind … Many Things Have Changed in North Carolina Since 2008”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on April 24th, 2012 12:29 pm

      The people are now wise to this socialist administration.

      The only way this guy would get a second chance is to steal the election. He did that in Pennsylvania and Ohio in 2007, but this time the people will be watching to prevent a repeat.

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