San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Alex Smith Helps Search for Missing California Teen Sierra LaMar


All too often we hear of negative stories related to sports athletes, here is one courtesy of the SF 49′ers that we can be proud of …

15 year old Sierra LaMar has been missing since March 16, 2012 when she was last seen at about 6 AM leaving her home to go to school at Sobrato High School. There have been several searches for the missing California teen and although investigators have recovered Sierra LaMar’s cell phone and pink “Juicy” brand bag, there have been few clues as to what happened to her.

Over the weekend, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith joined the 581 volunteers on Saturday to help search for missing  Sierra LaMar. KUDOS to Alex Smith for being so selfless and helping search for the missing teen. As Marc Klaas the founder of the KlaasKids Foundation stated, “He wasn’t there for attention. He was there to search. It was about his heart. It’s certainly a touching thing, and it’s a huge thing, too. By showing up, he provided a value that went well beyond his own presence as a searcher.”

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith has reportedly joined the search for a missing California girl who disappeared more than two weeks ago on her way to school.

Smith was among 581 volunteers who turned out Saturday to search for 15-year-old Sierra LaMar, of Morgan Hill, Calif., who was last seen March 16, the Contra Costa Times reported.

KUDOS to Alex Smith, you are a class act. As reported at the Mercury News, without any PR pomp and circumstance, without making it all about him, Smith dropped off food and water for the search volunteer before joining the search. NICE!

If anyone has any information regarding the teenager’s whereabouts, please call the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department at 408-299-2311.

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    One Response to “San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Alex Smith Helps Search for Missing California Teen Sierra LaMar”

    1. HappyGuy on April 4th, 2012 6:40 am

      Maybe Alex is the kidnapper and is trying to throw off the man hunt!

      In all seriousness though, I don’t get what’s so fascinating about him joining the search. Why shouldn’t a guy who professionally plays with balls do something to help out? He’s not above the average person…again, he plays with f(edit) balls. Oh mainstream America and your illogic.

      “This story isn’t about him…even though I’m making the story be about him not making the story about him, and therefore I am technically making it about him.” A f(edit) girl gets kidnapped and you somehow get fixated on celebrity.

      Why do all idiots have websites/blogs? You aren’t that wise. Everything you have ever thought of has been thought before. Most of it, apparently, by prepubescent teenage girls. Take this shit to facebook/myspace where it belongs. I’m sorry, just by the title of the website I was expecting funny or, at the very least, not soccer-mom bullshit.
      SM: Good grief … go get some help dude. I am guessing that you are not so “happy”. You complain about the blog let you leave a comment … boy doesn’t that speak volumes about you.

      BTW, the post is not about his celebrity, its about an individual being selfless and helping out. To answer your ignorant question … how many athletes have you ever heard of helping in a missing persons case or a crime? Nearly none. If they did, they would have their PR people there saying … look at me.

      Finally, i bet many others have not come up with what we doing seeing that he help in searches and MP cases. Now run along to school, learn something and grow up.

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