US Supreme Court to Hear Obamacare Constitutionality Case Today … Lose – Lose for Barack Obama



Today the SCOTUS begins hearing oral arrangements against President Barack Obama’s signature piece of legislation, Obamacare. For the next three days and a total of 6 hours, oral arrangements will be made on the Constitutionality of Obamacre. However, today the SCOTUS will hear whether they have to wait for the mandate to kick in before they can hear the case. That does not occur until 2014. Tomorrow the SCOTUS will hear the arguments of the individual mandate.

Will Obama’s attorneys be wearing “BFD” shirts to the SCOTUS?

President Obama’s signature domestic achievement — and, with it, a big part of his political legacy — is now in the hands of the Supreme Court.

The nine justices on Monday will begin hearing three consecutive days of oral arguments about whether the healthcare law is unconstitutional. The landmark legal challenge threatens to overturn an historic legislative victory, raising the stakes once again in a debate that will help define Obama’s presidency.

The six-hour oral argument is the longest the court has heard in 45 years. And this is the first time in more than 75 years that the court is in a position to strike down a sitting president’s agenda while he runs for reelection.


The political implications of any decision by the US Supreme Court is enormous to Obama.  However, there can be no victory in any decision made by the SCOTUS. If the Court strikes down Obamacare, the individual mandate or the severability, Obama loses. The piece of legislation that Obama and Democrats wasted so much time on instead of focusing on jobs would be no more. What would Obama and his minions do, appeal?

Then there is the scenario if the SCOTUS sides in favor of Obamacare and the individual mandate prior to the 2012 election. Imagine, just imagine the hue & cry throughout the land when such an unpopular law that so many Americans, including Democrats, deem Unconstitutional and want repealed.  72% of Americans believe the individual mandate in the health care reform package is unconstitutional. Swing states also disapprove of Obamacare.

However, 72 percent of Americans believe the individual mandate in the health care reform package is unconstitutional, while 20 percent believe it is constitutional.

Along party lines, a majority of Democrats — 56 percent — believe the health care mandate is unconstitutional and 37 percent defend it as constitutional. Among Republicans, 94 percent view that part of the law as unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, a USA Today/Gallup poll of swing states shows that a majority of crucial swing state voters oppose the law. In fact, 53 percent of swing state voters see the health care reforms as a “bad thing,” while 38 percent see it as a “good thing.”

What do you think the result will be in the 2012 elections for Obama and Democrats if such an unpopular law is supported by the SCOTUS and the only way to rid “We the People” of Obamacare is repealing the law. That can only be done by voting Obama out of office and the Democrats in the Hose and Senate taking another shellacking like they did in 2012.

This is what happens when an over-reaching government ignores the will of the American people and rams a law down the throats of “We the People”. There is nothing like an  “F-YOU” to the People to get them up in arms, take matters into their own hands and cause political carnage at the ballot box.


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    2 Responses to “US Supreme Court to Hear Obamacare Constitutionality Case Today … Lose – Lose for Barack Obama”

    1. super dave on March 27th, 2012 7:12 am

      sounds like all the voting fraud for 2012 by the democrats is already in place Obama is confident that he is going to win so something is up !
      makes you wonder how many illegals have been given voting rights under the radar.
      they come to my wife’s clinic daily for physicals with a social security # written on a piece of notebook paper so i know it is going on.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on March 27th, 2012 12:37 pm

      This is the last chance for SCOTUS to decide that they will uphold the constitution and rule in favor of law. If this law is allowed to stand, the Constitution of the United States then becomes just another piece of paper.

      Every member of congress who voted for this legislation has failed to uphold their oath of office and by doing so should be removed via impeachment.

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