Newt Gingrich Blasts NBC’s David Gregory & the MSM … Rush Limbaugh was “The Great National Crisis of This Past Week”


Bias is the MSM,  “You Betcha” …

On Sunday Morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with David Gregory, GOP Presidential primary candidate Newt Gingrich blasted Gregory and exposed the MSM for what they truly are … bias and in the tank for Barack Obama. Millions of Americans are out of work, gas prices are through the roof, food stamps recipients are at record highs, the federal debt is at $15.4 trillion and climbing, Obama is apologizing for the burning of a Koran while American troops are being killed; however, the MSM makes the discussion about Rush Limbaugh. The MSM will do anything to deflect the terrible situation that is going on under Barack Obama in order to reelect their candidate.

“You know, David, I am astonished at the desperation of the elite media to avoid rising gas prices, to avoid the President’s apology to religious fanatics in Afghanistan, to avoid a trillion dollar deficit, to avoid the longest period of unemployment since the Great Depression, and to suddenly decide that Rush Limbaugh is the great national crisis of this week”

A transcript of the exchange between Gingrich and Gregory can be seen at NewsBusters:

“Barack Obama as President,” Gingrich continued, “in the most radical anti-religious move made by any president, is trying to coerce the Catholic Church at a time when he’s been told by the bishops they would have to give up every single hospital…they would have to give up every single university and college associated with the church, because he is asking them to violate their religious beliefs.”

Gregory continued to press the issue saying, “Do you think it was harmful that Limbaugh, as certainly an influential voice in a conservative grassroots and you well know that, was it appropriate for him to apologize? Do you think that he’s done damage to the debate that you’re now getting into?”

After saying it was appropriate for Limbaugh to apologize, Gingrich challenged Gregory asking, “Do you think the President owes an apology to all the men and women in uniform who he frankly abandoned when he apologized to religious fanatics in Afghanistan? What’s your opinion, David?”

Newt reminded David Gregory that no one is blocking access to contraception.  Barack Obama stepped into a mess when he brought up this policy of forcing religious organizations to cover contraceptive and now the media will stop at nothing to change the narrative.

If Newt does not make it as the GOP Presidential nominee, who would not love to see him as White House Press Secretary? Every press conference would be must see TV.

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    4 Responses to “Newt Gingrich Blasts NBC’s David Gregory & the MSM … Rush Limbaugh was “The Great National Crisis of This Past Week””

    1. Public Enemy on March 5th, 2012 3:10 pm

      Thomas Jefferson wrote, “History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government,” and that “In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.”[27]

    2. D on March 6th, 2012 1:38 am

      You do realize that the religious part of this has been removed? Now it’s just insurance companies that are paying for it, and that saves money considering the number of babies they won’t be paying for. It’s pretty simple.

      And the point that Gingrich made about the apology… Is he just that stupid? President Obama made that apology to protect those troops from their own stupid mistake. People are making a big deal about this apology when it only takes two brain cells to rub together to figure out that he’s trying to calm tensions and protect his troops.
      SM: Actually the religious aspect has not been taken out of it and on top of it, no, an insurance company should not be paying for one’s personal responsibility. This would be like auto insurance paying for windshield wipers. This is the reason why insurance premiums have escalated out of control.

      Good grief people, should insurance pay for milk and brad next?

    3. D on March 7th, 2012 3:22 am

      Wow, that response made no sense at all. Insurance already covers pregnancy, if there are less accidental pregnancies thanks to the pill being covered then premiums will obviously drop. The pill costs much less than pregnancies do.

      And the religious aspect was dropped about three days after it was brought up, but for some reason the right and their hate of women haven’t been able to drop it. Religious institutions are no longer required to provide insurance for the pill, the insurance companies are. How does that have anything at all to do with religion? I guess once you guys find an attack that you think works (even if it pisses off most women in the process) you just don’t drop it even when it no longer remotely resembles reality.
      SM: You know what costs even more than the pill? Personal responsibility. Is it that much of a stretch for you to think that maybe birth control should be paid by the individual. Sorry if I believe that health care should cover things that are medically necessary. Having sex is hardly a medical condition. It is the height of being pathetic when one cannot pay for responsibility in having sex.

    4. D on March 7th, 2012 3:15 pm

      Obviously you haven’t been paying a bit of attention to the entire debate. The pill is used for a lot more than just contraception. If the Republicans had allowed a single woman on their panel about all of this people might have known the obvious facts.
      SM: Hardly, I know the entire debate … I am in healthcare. If a medication/surgery/procedure is medically necessary,that is one thing, if something is simply used for recreation, then no it should not be.

      However, I think there are much more important issues to discuss, those of which Obama would like to bury … like his record.

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