Louis Farrakhan Deals Up the Race Card, Again … Warns of Racial Hatred that could Lead to attempts to kill President Obama


The Race Card and Hate from Louis Farrakhan …

Who is really tired of the race card? This is all the LEFT and the race baiters like Minister Louis Farrakhan have left when it comes to Obama. After all, it is not like Barack Obama can run on his record. Instead those that have been causing dissent between the races for years like Louis Farrakhan now warn that racial hatred could lead to an assassination attempt.

In a fiery lecture to thousands of followers of the Nation of Islam on Sunday in Chicago, Minister Louis Farrakhan warned that racial hatred could lead to attempts to assassinate President Barack Obama.

Farrakhan spent much of his oration decrying what he cast as Satan’s influence over racist forces in politics and society before asking a pointed rhetorical question: “Do you think they’re wicked enough to be plotting our brother’s assassination as we speak?”

Then again, its not like Obama does not use the race card at the drop of a hat. So now we have African Americans for Obama. Really Mr. President? Imagine if we had Whites for Romney or Santorum … oh that would go over well with the MSM. So this is the “hope & change” that America was promised. Interestingly enough most people like Obama as a person, its his radical Left and socialist policies that they can’t stand. When it comes to hate, Farrakhan need to look no further than the mirror.

Farrakhan drew a distinction between noble Jews and followers of “the synagogue of Satan,” and he pointed to a recent incident in which the publisher of a Jewish magazine suggested Israeli security forces could help preserve Israel by killing Obama. He attacked Israeli policies, while also directing criticism at perceived Jewish influence in the U.S.

“Jewish people were not the origin of Hollywood, but they took it over,” he said, blaming the entertainment industry for degrading the country’s morality.

Hmm, isn’t it Hollywood where Obama has his high priced fund raisers?

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